Dentist Clinic Almeria Mibo

About Us
One of the the best Dental Clinic in Almería.
Different dental center, specialized in dental aesthetics, dental implants and endodontics with a microscope.
High quality service.
We can adapt our services to your needs, guaranteeing the security, confidence and high quality treatment.
Our team is made up of qualified professionals in constant training who will give individual approach to each patient to ensure their well-being and the best for their smiles.
What makes us different

  • Minimally Invasive Dentistry
    In our clinic, we are using minimally invasive techniques.
    Our work is based on scientific researchs, use of a new technologies such as magnification (use of a microscope or dental loupes) and 3D radiodiagnosis, to offer you a minimally invasive dentistry.
    All this allows us to offer our patients the best service making your dental treatment more healthy and comfortable
  • Slow Dentistry
    In dentistry, as in any other discipline, rushing is not a good option.
    We moved away from the “Fast Dentistry” concept or “Dentistry Express”, which characterizes other types of dental centers.
    We strongly believe in the concept of Slow Dentistry, which consists of an exhaustive planning of the treatment in advance, to achieve an impeccable result, and to minimize the possible complications in your dental treatment.
    In our Comprehensive Center for Advanced Dentistry, you dont need to travel to different specialists, you have them all available to you at one place.
    Team of dentists specialized in the different branches of dentistry (Dental Aesthetics, Endodontics, Orthodontics, Periodontics, Surgery and Implants, Prostheses, and Pediatric Dentistry), all of them at your service to offer you a personalized and specialized treatment with the care you need.
    In our clinic, each patient is unique, and receives all our help and attention.
    Enjoy with us in carefully planned, friendly treatment you always wanted, so that your visit to the dentist is different with no fear.
    All our team will be at your entire disposal to advise you, and solve any doubt or urgency that may arise.


  • We have a comprehensive cardioprotection plan, with immediate comprehensive response to any cardiac emergency situation that may arise.
  • We can offer different forms of payment and financing so that you can pay for your treatment comfortably.
  • We are collaborating with a physiotherapist specialized in head and neck.
  • We have a wide and flexible schedule.
  • A specialist in speech therapy will help the patient when necessary.
  • We have a state-of-the-art computerized panoramic 3D radiodiagnostic equipment.
  • Specialized in avoiding the fear and anxiety that some patients can have visiting the dentist.


  • Aesthetic Dentistry
    Restorative dentistry
    Dental prosthetics – crowns
    Removable prothesis
    Implant prothesis
    With mycroscop
    Endodontic surgery
    Immediate implants loading
    Sinus lift
    Bone graft
    General Dentistry

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