Dentist Clinic Asuncion Paraguay

About Us
In our clinic Your smile is in the hands of professionals.
Dr.Patricia Filippini and her team are using the best materials and the most advanced technology.
With high level technical support in innovation and technologies we can provide high quality treatment in a short period of time.
We have a team of professionals with international training and our own laboratory to provide immediate solutions at one place.
We are a dental clinic based on excellence, where we offer all dental specialties.
Our mission is to provide a transparent, ethical, friendly, efficient, and above all, personalized service.
We are providing individual treatment solution for all the patients of the clinic
We act with ethical and legal principles.
We fulfill our commitments.
Our service is first class
We try to meet the expectations of our patients.


  • Aesthetic & Cosmetic Dentistry
    The technology and all the new techniques nowadays allow us to return the ideal oral health to our patients.
    You can have the smile of a Hollywood actor without going through any type of surgery, since the smile design technique with dental veneers in porcelain, together with the correct planning of your clinical case, are the tools we use.
    This treatment is minimally invasive. It is a painless treatment.
    Material used is porcelain and the result is completely natural.
    The porcelain veneers ara avilable in different shades, which the patient chooses with the help of his dentist.
    This technique allows patient to have a complete smile in 24 to 48 hours, depending on the clinical case.
    The perfect design of your smile is made by a computer software, which allows us to show you how the smile will look even before we start the treatment.
  • Oral Rehabilitation and Prosthesis
    The rehabilitation in dentistry is responsible for returning the aesthetic function and harmony with the use of dental prostheses.
    Here at the clinic we always look for a natural and aesthetic result for the patient.
    The dental implants are an excellent option and the solution when there is a lack of the teeth and for oral rehabilitation that gives back the possibility of smiling, eating and working in the best way.
  • Maxilofacial Surgery and Implantology
    Maxillofacial surgery contemplates what we call orthognathic surgery (it is the procedure that is performed in order to correct the jaws).
    It treats and corrects anomalies in the facial bones.
    Dental implants are the solution in case of the loss of dental pieces, since they are like small titanium cylindrical attachments that are placed in the bone.
    They work as artificial roots. The purpose of this procedure is to return the function and aesthetic that has been lost, with a comfortable and safe natural result.
  • Endodontics
    Endodontics is a specialty that treats root canals, in which we proceed to the total extraction of the dental pulp.
    Endodontics, or root canal treatment, saves the teeth, reducing the cases of extraction. The root canal system is cleaned and the bacterias are eliminated.
    This procedure is performed under anesthesia, in which pain should not appear.
    Anesthesia is painless.
  • Periodontics
    It is a specialty of dentistry that studies, diagnoses and allows to treat or prevent diseases that affect gums and dental support tissues.
    It is known as gingivitis causing inflammation, bleeding, color change and enlargement of the gums.
  • Orthodontics
    Orthodontics is a specialty dealing with the correction of poor dental positioning and masticatory function to obtain a pleasant aesthetic result.
    Today we have modern techniques and orthodontic appliances which allow us to lose the fear of carrying out the treatment.
    Aesthetic braces as well as invisible braces (lingual orthodontics) give the patient the comfort and security to smile.
  • Operative Dental Procedures
    This specialty, studies the set of procedures that aim to restore the tooth’s biological balance, when for various reasons its structural, functional or aesthetic integrity has been altered.
    Technology in our clinic
    CEREC system
    What is the CEREC system?
  • After the consultation, the treatment area is captured using a camera.
  • Then the dental prosthesis is designed in a 3D model on the computer. The restoration is created on the computer and mechanically carved from a ceramic block.
  • Shortly after, the finished ceramic restoration is placed.
    This system allows to design and provide a perfect fast solution to the patient in only one visit.

Laser therapy

  • No painful inflammations.
  • Reduces the need for pain killers and antibiotics.
  • Does not require additional treatments.
  • Does not have unpleasant noises or uncomfortable vibrations.
  • Bacteria and germs of the root canal are eliminated with minutely minimally invasive technique.
  • Viruses are destroyed

We have our own laboratory. This allows us to provide a better personalized service.
A prosthesis is a work of art, we simply do it here with the latest in technology using best professional technique.
Because our peace of mind lies in the satisfaction of our customers, we use the best materials.

PRICE LIST ( prices are shown in USD. The total price will be set up after the consultation with the clinic )
Consultation 42 USD
Alveolectomy by zone 110 USD
Frenectomy (Muscle Bridge Surgery) 165 USD
Soft tissue surgery 142 USD
Surgery of cysts and jaw tumors 975 USD
Biopsy surgery 310 USD
Extraction of 3rd molars in normal position 165 USD
Simple Extraction 110 USD
Apicectomy 365 USD
Apicectomy with retrograde filling 395 USD
Indirect pulp protection 67 USD
Direct pulpal protection 84 USD
Pulpotomy 84 USD
Endodontic treatment in primary teeth 84 USD
Endodontic treatment in anterior teeth 150 USD
Endodontic treatment in premolar teeth 167 USD
Endodontic treatment in molars 217 USD
Endodontic retreatment 259 USD
Osseointegrated implant per unit surgical phase 585 USD
Osseointegrated implant per unit, prosthetic phase 550 USD
Bone graft inlay 780 USD
Bone graft onlay 1000 USD
Unilateral sinus lift 1150 USD
Bone regeneration guided with membrane 520 USD
Bone regeneration guided with membranes and autogenous bone or biomaterials 650 USD
Dental reimplantation 167 USD
Whitening of vital teeth maxilla superior and inferior 218 USD
Immediate technical teeth whitening maxila superior and inferior 327 USD
Veneers in porcelain 700 USD
Porcelain inlays cerec, cadcam 550 USD
Crowns in porcelain fused on metal 575 USD
Porcelain crown without metal (metal free) 585 USD
Resin crowns 275 USD
Inlay resin inlays 217 USD
Inlay resin onlays 267 USD
Re cementation of inlays and crowns 74 USD

Consultation 42 USD
Oral prophylaxis 67 USD
Fluorization 70 USD
Caries inactivations by quadrants 70 USD
Esthetic restoration in primary teeth 87 USD
Amalgam in permanent teeth with cavity 58 – 67 USD

Periodontal aesthetic surgery 525 USD
Oral prophylaxis, removal of supragingival calculus 130 USD
Subgingival scaling by area 182 USD
Radectomy 200 USD
Treatment of peri-implantitis by area 200 USD
Bone regeneration guided with membranes 600 USD
Regenerative periodontal surgery with membranes and bone 717 USD
Surgical treatment of periodontal disease by area 227 USD

Tooth adding in partial removable prosthesis per tooth 42 USD
Dental lenses in porcelain 750 USD
Composites veneers 384 USD
Acrylic crown 165 USD
Metal free porcelain crown 550 USD
Metal and porcelain crown 367 USD
Flexible prosthesis up to 4 pieces 467 USD
Metal and porcelain bridge by piece 354 USD
Porcelain bridge 467 USD

Panoramic radiography 19 USD
Upper and lower maxillary tomography 202 USD
Tomography of a single area 75 USD

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