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Dentist Clinic Izmir Dentaglobal.
By choosing us, you’ll open the door to all the advantages dental care abroad can offer. State of the art dental hospital, luxurious residential facilities and, most importantly, our team of dedicated dentists, all of whom lead the way in their areas of expertise.
In our Dental Clinic, we focus on providing clients from all over the world with the best experience possible during each and every visit. We offer both routine and cosmetic dental procedures in the heart of Izmir, right across from the popular landmark of Folkart Towers.

We have a friendly team of dentists who specialise in every dental field. Clinic is providing a multi disciplinary approach to all your dental needs.
We put you in full control of your oral health by providing detailed explanations. Doctors will explain every step of the treatment. Our expert dentists will explain your options and help you choose the treatment plan that suits you best.

Clinic team will guarantee you a comfortable stay with 24 hours care. Our concierge team are also on hand to meet your every need.
Choose Dentist Clinic Izmir Dentaglobal for dental treatment abroad and enjoy an all inclusive package with flights to and from Izmir, driver service, top rate hotel accommodation and comprehensive financial and insurance options that provide complete peace of mind.
Because it is our priority that patients experience no pain during treatment, we use techniques such as IV sedation to put nervous patients at ease. Even treatments such as dental implants and ceramic crowns can be carried out under sedation to provide a comfortable experience from start to finish.

Treatments Dentist Clinic Izmir Dentaglobal

At our world renowned dental facility in Izmir, Turkey, we offer a range of best and innovative treatments.

  • Dental Implants
    Our dental experts use best technology to attach a titanium tooth root to your jaw line before installing a newly created tooth over top.
    Thanks to our global network and consultation locations, you can arrange a free consultation at our clinics in London, Rotterdam, Izmir or visit our offices in Berlin, Paris

All on 4
All on four dental implants are designed to replace a whole mouth of missing teeth in a single day with a combination of implants and bridges.

  • Sinus Lifting
  • Porcelain and Zirconium Crowns
  • Bridgework
  • Dental Veneers
  • Root Canal Treatment
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Gum Surgery
  • Zirconium Crowns
  • General Dentistry / fillings, cleaning treatments etc. /
  • Oral Surgery
  • Root canal treatments

Dental X ray Service in UK
Dental X rays provide more comprehensive and detailed visualization of your teeth and the surrounding areas with advanced and specific images which will allow our expert Dentists to be able prepare your treatment plan with a high degree of precision.
As DENTAGLOBAL Dental Clinic we are making the Dental X ray process as easy and comfortable as possible for you.
Our Associated Dental Imaging Center has various locations available in UK.


All centres offer a complete range of imaging solutions from the latest 2 D digital x rays to the most sophisticated cone beam CT scanning.

Contact Dentaglobal Clinic Izmir

How it works?
Request an appointment
To request an appointment, please contact us using the contact form. Inform us about the date, time and location for your appointment.
We will send you a confirmation e mail for you appointment or present alternative times if the required time is not available. The time and location details of your appointment will be indicated on your confirmation e mail.
There is £50 fee to be payed on spot for Panaromic / OPG / X ray. The X ray fee will be deducted from the costs of your treatment if you start within 45 days.

Depending on the services performed, appointments can last between fifteen and thirty minutes. We will do our best to provide you with the approximate length of your appointment. Please try to arrive to your appointment on time.
According to your Panoramic X ray / OPG / our dentists will be able plan your treatment with a high degree of precision. You will find all the information on treatments, prices and additional options you need in the detailed Treatment Presentation we will be providing to you.

Dentist Prices Izmir

Oral Diagnosis and Treatment Planing / Free
Expert Dentist Examination and Consultation / Free
Panaromic X RAY / Free
3D Dental Tomography / CBCT Scan / Price is £77 /

Composite Filling / Price is £41 /
Compomer Filling / Price is £41 /
Root Canal Treatment / Single Canal / Price is £72 /
Canal Treatment / Double Canal / Price is £99 /
Root Canal Treatment / Triple Canal / Price is £126 /
Retreatment / Single Canal / Price is £86 /
Retreatment / Double Canal / Price is £117 /
Re – treatment / Triple Canal / Price is £149 /
Fiber Post Application / Price is £72 /

Composite Veneer / Price is £90 /
Advanced Bleaching / Teeth Whitening / Price is £135 /
Total Prosthesis (Acrylic-single jaw) £338
Total Prosthesis (Metal-single jaw) £356
Partial Dentures (Metal – single jaw) £356
Prosthesis with Precision Attachment (Including 2 Attachments) £537
Precision Attachment (Implant Supported)* £90.00

Dental Implants Price Izmir Turkey

Implant Supported Prosthesis with Precision Attachement / Including 2 Attachments / £807.00
All on Four Fixed Prothesis / Including 4 Nobel Biocare Abutments – Single Jaw / £1590
Precision Attachment* £180
Implant Supported Prosthesis with Bar Attachement / Including 2 Attachments / £1033
Bar Attachment*£451
All on Four Implant Supported Prosthesis / Including 4 Straumann Abutments / £1500
All on Four Fixed Temporary Dentures / Single Jaw / £800
Immediate Prosthesis / Single Jaw Temporary / £135

Crowns / Veneers
Dental Crown / Porcelain Metal Based / £130
Zirconium Crown / Emax Porcelain Zirconia Based / £195
Golden Crown / Gold Metal Based / £257
Full Porcelain Crown £200
Laminate Veneer£200
Full Porcelain Inlay / Onlay £200

Mouth Guard for Bruxism£86
Recementation £23
Dental Botox £221
Dental Surgery
Tooth Extraction £41
Complicated Tooth Extraction £77

Sedation / 0-3 Hours / £216
Sedation / Per Hour – After 3 Hours / £63

Dental Implant / Alpha Bio – Made in Israel / £360
Dental Abutment / Alpha Bio – Made in Israel / £90
Implant / Bio3 – Made in Germany / £450
Dental Abutment / Bio3 – Made in Germany/ £90
Dental Implant / Nobel Biocare – Made in Switzerland / £525
Abutment / Nobel Biocare – Made in Switzerland / £160
All on Four / Including 4 Nobel Biocare Implants – Single Jaw / £2.100
External Sinus Lifting £270
Internal Sinus Lifting£180
Bone Augmentation £180
Bone Graft 0,5cc £90 – £310

Gum Treatments Izmir
Extensive Cleaning £68
Gingivoplasty – Laser / Gummy Smile Correction /- Per Tooth £54
Sensitivity Treatment £36
Periodontal Treatment – Per Tooth £18
Orthodontic Treatment / Bracket / Price varies by complication / 1.500 – 3.000 GBP /
Invisalign / Mild Treatment / £3.000
Invisalign / Moderate Treatment / £3.500
Orthodontic Invisalign / Full Treatment / £4.500


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