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About Us
Our mission is to provide a high quality service, warmth, confidence and security. We are committed to our patients in providing them with a healthy and harmonious smile. Our vision is to establish ourselves as a leading and cutting-edge orthodontic clinic that contributes to the oral health and well-being, governed by the values of responsibility, commitment, respect, equality and solidarity. Our work philosophy, based on the continuous improvement of our processes, is to offer a specialized and personalized treatment, committing us to offer our patients a quality treatment, strictly observing the biosafety norms; Guaranteed success in each of our treatments, with reasonable rates, without sacrificing the quality of the materials we work with.


Laser Theeth Whitening
Dental whitening with green light laser. Unlike other activators, the green laser light absorbs the whitening gel better, giving better results in one hour treatment.

Oral Rehabilitation
The Oral Rehabilitation is the part of the Dentistry in charge of the restoration and recovery of damaged or lost teeth. It returns the aesthetic function and oral harmony. It is a specialty within dentistry that combines in an integral way the areas of fixed prosthesis (veneers, bridges, crowns), removable partial denture, complete prosthesis, occlusion and rehabilitation on dental implants. To do this treatments we are using materials of very good quality at affordable prices.

Periodontics and dental implants
Specialty of dentistry that studies the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and conditions that affect gums and implanted implants, for the maintenance of the health, function and aesthetics of the teeth and their adjacent tissues. The main periodontal diseases affecting a dentition are periodontitis and gingivitis. The dental implant is a product made from biocompatible materials intended to replace the root of a lost tooth. Usually threaded, the surface of the implant can have different textures and substrates, usually used to increase its adhesion to the bone (osseointegration if titanium and biointegration if it is a ceramic material).

Endodontics is the specialty of dentistry that treats the root canal of the tooth when the dental pulp has been affected by decay, fracture or prosthetic reasons.

Oral surgery
Oral and maxillofacial surgery is the dental specialty responsible for diagnosis, prevention and treatment of oral and facial pathologies. Among the most frequent pathologies to be treated are impacted third molars or canines. It also includes orthognathic surgery, which is performed in order to place the bones in their proper position after the initial or pre-surgical orthodontic treatment. Its primary objective is to achieve a proper bite, restore masticatory function and improve facial aesthetics.

Pediatric dentistry is the branch of dentistry responsible for treating dental alterations in children. It is also responsible for detecting possible anomalies in the position of the jaws or teeth to refer to the orthodontist, orthodontic specialist, and to make restorative treatments in case they are needed, for caries, trauma…

Orthodontics in Adults
It is never too late to get a nice smile, and this can be achieved with orthodontics.
Orthodontic treatment can be done at any age, adults are no exception.


  • every adult can undergo orthodontic treatment.


  • you can achieve a pleasant and healthy smile at any age.


  • the treatment requires more time than the one in a child.

Aesthetic Orthodontics
It is characterized by the use of aesthetic brackets that are those that have a tone similar to a natural tooth.
Aesthetic brackets can be polyethylene, resin, ceramic or sapphire, the latter are more stable in color.
To support the orthodontic arch, they require transparent, colored or metallic elastic ligatures.
These can be used only in some orthodontic techniques, they generate more friction than the self-ligating brackets, they also fulfill the treatment objectives but in a longer time.

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