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Dentist Coimbra Portugal Promed

Why you can count on us?
In our clinic you can get high quality treatment performed by our multidisciplinary team. Our team consist of more than ten technicians working for the patients since 2000.
Great knowledge and experience, ongoing formation, dedication and specialization of our members are key factors to provide high quality service.
Clinica Promed has own dental laboratory which makes all treatments simple and possible to make at one place.
We are using state of the art equippment and materials in our clinic
Nobel Procera – Artificial teeth virtually designed and executed in a cad-cam environment without adaptation failures
Nobel Clinician – Computer guided surgery, allowing the placement of implants in areas of lower bone volume
Zeiss eyeglasses
Kavo Dental Unit / Fedesa Dental Unit
Digital Local and Panoramic Radiology Diagnostic Tools
Our clinic is based in a beutiful region of Portugal well known for high quality vines and vineyards and many agrotourism sites.

At the Laboratory and the Clinic, we design our work on oral health and aesthetics.

Innovations is the vision that will bring us closer to our patients and clients!

Availability & dedication to each case and patient. Respect for people, respect for the materials used in our clinic and for the deadlines. Experts in our clinic are aware of the aesthetic importance of our work.

Implantology is the surgical area of dental medicine that is dedicated to the placement of dental implants. The dental implant is a medical device that replaces the root of the tooth offering a safe solution for the replacement of one or more missing teeth.
In spite of the practice of an average price, in the V-Promed Dental we place only Premium implants, exclusively using the devices of the Nobel Biocare brand, world leader in implants and research, thus guaranteeing the best results for our patients.

Bleaching / Aesthetics
Dental whitening is a process when teeth become whiter by the oxidation of tooth pigments.
Through the release of oxygen molecules, the internal and external pigmentation of the tooth is removed, leaving the teeth lighter without any damage, because treatment is performed in a controlled way. Dental whitening can be done at home or in the office.

Custom Dental Prosthesis
Consultations are carried out by members of our technical team together with the medical-dental team with the aim of obtaining excellent results on artificial teeth at the aesthetic and functional level.
Having a proper laboratory constantly updating service and equipment, is a reality that allows us to have more options both aesthetic and functional and also makes possible to do all work on time – which translates into a huge relief for the patient who has for example just broken the prosthesis or in case of losing an aesthetically important tooth.

Dental Medicine
Dental Medicine is the area of Medicine that prevents, diagnoses and treats diseases that affect the teeth and gums ensuring, in addition to oral health, an esthetic component and a good functioning of oral system.

Orthodontics is the area of Dentistry specialized in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental alterations (bad positioning of the teeth) and skeletal (improper growth / positioning of the jaws).

Periodontology is the area of Dentistry that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the gums and other structures responsible for the support of the tooth

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