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About Us
Dental Clinic and dental technique Smiles workshop, is the place where where tradition for beauty goes together with innovation, creating a whole experience which offers joy and satisfaction.
They say that laugh is your first business card. It could not be more truly. A beautiful laugh brings in joy, light and beauty. Dental Clinic has earned its reputation as Constanta top dentistry by its professionalism, experience, responsibility and competence.
Clinic is proud of its last generation equipment with respect to dental technique. It has a dental technique laboratory with the best quality dental products which make a simple visit to our dentist cabinet free of the well-known scare.
Dental Clinic offers the best services and dental treatments and the most affordable prices for all its patients.
The team of dentists that welcome you is based exclusively of a great professionalism, competence, experience, and an extraordinary collaboration with its patients, making them feel secure in our dental clinic.
Clinic offers its patients a comfortable waiting room where the patients can admire Romanian folklore elements (clay, wood, ceramics objects, icons, popular costumes), making them feel relaxed, detached and proud of the Romanian culture
Our Smiles Workshop transforms the dentistry into art due to its modern equipment, dental techniques, dentistry products, dental treatments, dental cabinets, dental laboratories, the team of well-prepared and responsible dentists, good-quality hygienic conditions.
This is why our clinic is the best option when choosing a clinic for solving your dental problems.

Dental Services
• Prophylaxis
• Anaesthesia
• Odontotherapy
• Endodontics – Endodontic treatments
• Dental implants
• Dental radiography
• Periodontology
• Children Paediatric Dentistry
• Orthodontics
• Oral Surgery

Dental tourism
Almost a decade ago, the term “dental tourism” was almost unknown in most of the countries. However, after a while, this branch of tourism is highly popular, thanks to a globalization in all fields. As you know, the tourism represents that branch of a society which makes people come and go, in a permanent move.
Medical tourism, especially the dental one, might be associated with the patients who travel to developing countries, such as Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, where they treat their diseases and they spend an excellent and beautiful holiday.
The conditions that led to the development and growth of this field of dental tourism are:

  • public information via internet;
  • affordable and efficient air transportation;
  • preparing and training dentists to the highest standards of performance;
  • technology development in terms of price/quality;

In our country, the dental tourism, especially the one in Constanta, supports patients from other countries who do not wish an expensive and prolonged treatment in their home country but also proposes an option to save money and benefit from quality dental treatment together with a relaxing holiday.

Consultation – 15 Euros
Composite Filling – 25-35 Euros
Root canal Treatment 45-90 Euros
Teeth Whitening Laser – 500 Euros
Air Flow – 25 Euros
E max Ceramic Crown – 250 Euros
Ceramic Crown on Zirconium – 270 Euros
Metal Ceramic Crown on Implant – 210 Euros
Ceramic Crown on Implant – 335 Euros
Veneer Ivoclar – 300 Euros
Intravenous Sedation – 135 Euros per hour
Extraction – 15-70 Euros ( depend on complexity )
Dental Implant with Metal Ceramic Crown – 1000-1400 Euros
Dental Implant with Ceramic or Zirconium Crown – 1200 Euros
Sinus Lifting – 800 Euros
Bone Graft – 500-2500 Euros
Partial Denture – 270-335 Euros

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