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About Us
The premier dental practice located in San Jose, Costa Rica specializing in dental implants, all on 4 services, cosmetic and comprehesive dentistry. Our team of Board-certified dentists are dedicated to a tradition of excellence.
Dental Clinic is a leading dental healthcare provider in Costa Rica, with a multidisciplinary team of dental specialist , dental technicians and support staff, we offer a comprehensive, fully co-ordinated approach to your treatment plan.
We endeavor to offer high quality services for our patients with our expertise. Our clinic is equipped with a wide range of high quality and cutting-edge technology including digital x-ray, which significantly reduces radiation exposure while providing quick and accurate diagnosis. We also provide world well-known whitening technology “ZOOM!” for the best whitening result and less sensitivity. Our dental implant surgery suite is one of the best well equipped in Costa Rica.
Dental Clinic features a distinctively luxurious and warm atmosphere, offering in our clinic exceptional service from our attentive staff and qualified specialist teams. We persist in our philosophy that “YOUR SMILE IS EVERYTHING TO US.” Our promise is to help our patients to have a “PERFECT SMILE”.
We offer free transportation from the airport to some hotels
We meet with you personally and provide you with a complimentary comprehensive evaluation.

  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Endodontics
  • Periodontics
  • Prosthodontics
  • Holistic Dentistry
  • Biomimetic Restorations
  • Orthodontics
    Surgical Treatments
    The surgical procedures are:
  • Bone graft and Membrane.
  • Platelet rich plasma.
  • Dental Extractions.
  • Eliminate infections.
    Temporary Denture
    We include the temporary acrylic denture, with the color and the size that you decide.
    Extract from the price list
    The All On 4 package cost $US 7.000
    The All On 4 package treatment is a revolutionary technique that allows a quick placement of permanent prosthesis supported only by four implants.
    The first stage process involves five day of appointment. The procedure uses two straight front implants and two back implants tilted up to 45 degrees to take maximum advantage of existing bone in order to avoid a sinus lift surgery.
    After the surgery treatment we place the temporary denture fixed to the new implants.
    The second Stage on All On 4 package treatment can take about two weeks. This appointment involves the aesthetic verification and the final estructure. The final result will be a fully functional set of teeth that looks natural, enhances self-confidence and allows to enjoy favorite foods once again.
  • Emax Crown $425
  • Porcelain Veneers $440
  • Zirconium Crown $455
  • Dental Bridge (3 Unit) $1.050
  • Digital Radiograph $20
  • Dental Cleanning $60
  • Simple Extractions $60
  • Dental Whitening $200
    Implantology Treatments Price
  • Zirconium Implant $1200
  • Titanium Implant $800
  • Bone Graft and Membrane $500
  • Crown Over Implant $650
    Other Treatments Price
  • Root Canal $300
  • Dentures (Unit) $400
  • Dental Consultation $30
  • Guard $150

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