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About Us
Prodent Dental Clinic is an exclusive place in the city of Cuenca, Ecuador.
Dr. Juan Ordoñez and Dra. Gabriela Moncayo are dedicated specialist each with their area of expertise. Dr. Juan Ordoñez graduated from dentistry school in la Univesidad Catolica and specialized in periodontics and implantology in Brazil. Dra. Gabriela Moncayo graduated in la Universidad Catolica and specialized in endodontics in Brazil. They offer their services to domestic and international patients using only prestige materials and dental technology to achieve the best possible results. The clinic offers a wide range of treatments and will adjust to your schedule and needs.


  • Dental implants
    Repacing missing one or more teeth with the use of dental implants.
  • Endodontics ( root canal treatment )
    Removal of the affected nerve to maintain the tooth
  • Teeth Whitening
    In only 30 minutes your smile can be white again.
    Using the best products and techniques to get best possible result.
    Duration of the treatment is only 30 minutes
    *Dental Aesthetics Treatments ( Veneers )
    Improve the appearance and function of the dental pieces using porcelain veneers.
    Duration of the treatments is 30 minutes.
  • Oral Rehabilitation ( crowns and prostheses )
    Goal of the treatment is to functionally and aesthetically rehabilitate lost teeth with crowns (fixed prostheses) total or partial renewable prostheses.
    Duration of the treatment is 30 minutes.
  • Odontopediatrics
    Dental treatments for children
  • Third molar surgery
    Extractions of wisdom teeth in only 30 minutes.
  • Orthodontics
    Align the teeth to fulfill their function and aesthetics moving the position of one or more teeth.
  • Periodontics
    Treatment of the bone and gums to avoid losing the tooth due to the problems
  • General Dental Treatments
    Elimination of dental caries and restoration of the affected tooth.
  • Dental cleaning
    Cleaning includes removal of supragingival plaque

Dental implants $1300
Endodontic Treatment Multi-root $300, single root $200
Composite Fillings $35
Crowns $350
Bridges $350+
Braces $1300
Periodontal treatment $280
Periodontal pocket $100
Ceramic Veneers $300
Composite Veneers $200
Whitening treatment $200
Extraction $50
Dental cleaning $35

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