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Dentist Dubrovnik Croatia. Save up to 70% with Our Dental Treatments in Dubrovnik Croatia.
Do you also find dental services in your country a bit on the expensive side. Due to cheaper labor and lower costs of material, in our dental centers, the prices of identical services are 50 – 70% lower. We offer full dental tourism packages for international patients. Pick up, accommodation, dental treatment, and guided tours around Dubrovnik. Check top dental clinics Dubrovnik. Also you are getting same treatments like in your country. Travelling before was expensive. Today you can fly to Dubrovnik from many countries. Before Dubrovnik was not so easy accessible. Today Dubrovnik is the most popular town in Croatia. Moreover, before you come to Dubrovnik we can provide free treatment and budget plan. Visit with no surprises.

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Organized transport from the airport to the clinic or hotel. Guide in Dubrovnik. Another advantage of Dubrovnik is quality of places and food is amazing. Nature is especially beautiful. If you travel further away from the town you can find beautiful landscapes. Compared to UK price of dentist in Dubrovnik is up to 70% cheaper depend on the treatment.

Compared to USA prices in Dubrovnik dental clinics are up to 80% cheaper.

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Dubrovnik has identified dental tourism as a key economic sector. Potential for development of the entire country. Dubrovnik could well represent last medical tourism “secret. Visit best dentists in Dubrovnik and make best service saving the time and money.

For example 5 start hotel you can find for only 120 Euros. Dubrovnik is full of different accommodation. For example private apartments and villas.

FREE CONSULTATION – Before every treatment clinic is providing consultation.


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