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About Us
Our dental studio is located in Genoa, Italy and it’s offering best possible care and treatments the patient can ask for.
In our studio we are covering all areas of dentistry, using high quality materials and state of the art instruments to reach the best possible result.
For each patient we are providing individual treatment plan.
We speak english language and our studio is experienced in dental tourism treating many patients from abroad.

About the Owner
*Dr. graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Genoa in 1991 with 110/110 and specialized in Stomatology at the same University.
*Post Graduate in Implantology & Periodontology at New York University College of Dentistry.
*Member of several scientific associations including the Italian Society of Periodontology, the Italian Society of Oral Surgery and Implantology, the Osseointegration Society, the European Association for Osseointegration, the ICOI International Congress of Oral Implantology
*Author of numerous scientific publications and Speaker at several Congresses


Oral Hygiene Treatments
*Prevention and treatment of periodontal disease
*Treatment of tooth hypersensitivity
*Dental whitening
*Dental hygiene in orthodontic patient
*Dental hygiene in implant and surgical patients
*Pedodontic prevention
*Salivary test
*Fluor Protector

Our Studio with the help of innovative materials and specialized techniques is able to correct any imperfection by also taking care of lips and peri-oral areas.
The main treatments carried out at our dental studio are:
*Teeth whitening
*Implantology with immediate loading
*Aesthetic reconstructions of the teeth
*Ceramic veneers
*LUMINEERS veneers
*Crowns in highly aesthetic materials
*Periodontal surgery and gingival plastics (to correct imperfections of the gingiva)
*Bone surgery (to correct imperfections of the skeleton)
*Use of fillers (injections of hyaluronic acid to increase the volume of the lips and to fill the peri-oral wrinkles of the face)
*Aesthetic orthodontics (use of “invisible” devices)
*Application of glitter on the teeth

Dental whitening
In our office we use the BriteSmile dental whitening system which offers the most advanced technology to whiten the teeth in a single treatment.
The teeth are bleached even more than 9 tones through the system able to remove any type of discoloration.

Filler Treatment
The fillers we use are products based on hyaluronic acid that are used to fill wrinkles and lips. These are highly biocompatible products which are slowly reabsorbed by the body. In addition, hyaluronic acid helps to keep the skin hydrated and toned.
From the first session the deep wrinkles are less visible while the fine wrinkles and the imperfections of the skin are completely eliminated.
The filler session takes about half an hour and must be repeated periodically every 7-10 months.

Pedodontics is the discipline that takes care of children’s teeth.
*oral hygiene instructions
*pedodontic prevention
*aesthetic treatments
*dental hygiene in the orthodontic patient
*salivary test
*fluor protector (high fluorine release paint with marked anti-caries prolonged over time)

Conservative Dentistry
Dental discipline that deals with diseases that affect the pulp of the tooth.
The endodontic treatment, commonly called “devitalization” is usually performed in case of a deep caries that, not cured in time, reach the deep layers of the tooth and therefore the pulp (if vital we talk about devitalization).
We rely on the most modern digital radiological technology that exposes the patient to a minimum dose of radiation so it’s considered absolutely harmful even if repeated and is the only system considered safe for pregnant women and children.
Furthermore, absolutely innovative equipment for measuring, shaping and sealing of tooth channels is used.


All over the world (Italy is among the top countries) implants are increasingly used by dentists in their prosthetic projects.
The implants are titanium “screws” (or rather artificial roots) on which, once inserted into the alveolar bone in place of the missing or extracted tooth, both fixed prostheses (single crowns or bridges) and removable prostheses can be connected (for increase its stability). The modern implantology is characterized by continuous innovations and research on materials and implant systems.
The implants are excellent alternatives to traditional prosthetics in all those situations where one needs to compensate for the lack of one or more teeth by designing fixed prostheses without having to create biological damage by “limiting” contiguous healthy teeth and at the same time obtaining excellent aesthetic results and restoring chewing.
Today the implantology has reached levels of absolute safety, also ensuring excellent restoration of chewing and aesthetics.
In our studio we apply the most modern and advanced implantology techniques using only systems guaranteed by an extensive scientific research and a leader in the world market using different titanium forms and surfaces according to the various clinical cases.
Where the anatomical and clinical conditions exist, we can put implants immediately (IMMEDIATE LOAD) in only one session.

Oral surgery
Oral surgery treats all subjects of pure surgical competence in the mouth of both pathological and aesthetic nature.
The oral surgery treatments are performed with modern surgical techniques and with the aid of sophisticated anesthesia that does not create any problem in the intraoperative phase where the pain is completely eliminated, neither in the post-operative phase and at home thanks to the support of adequate and mild pharmacological treatments.
Our office is equipped with the equipment totally dedicated to oral surgery and implantology.

Some of the oral surgery procedures are:
Simple extractions
Complex extractions
Extraction of wisdom teeth
Orthodontic surgery
Osteoplasty (bone remodeling) for preprosthetic purposes
Fixed and mobile prosthesis
Replacing one or more teeth in the mouth or covering teeth that require prosthetic restoration; dental prostheses can be divided into fixed or mobile prostheses depending on whether they are permanently fixed or removable.
The main mobile prostheses are:
Full mobile prosthesis (denture)
Partial removable prosthesis (prosthesis attached to natural teeth using hooks)
Overdenture (mobile prosthesis attached to implants that solves the problems of stability

The main fixed prostheses are:
Single crown (or capsule)
Bridge (more crowns joined together)
Circular (complete rehabilitation of an entire arch)
The prostheses designed in our Studio follow the standards of excellence and pursue high precision for an excellent durability and use of different materials with high aesthetic result depending on the clinical case treated.

Oral diseases therapy

PRICE LIST ( informative only )
Composite Filling EUR 160
Extraction Simple EUR 130
Extraction (surgical/impacted ) EUR 400
Porcelain inlay/onlay litium disilicat EUR 470
Teeth Whitening Full EUR 450
Regular teeth cleaning EUR 100
Composite veneer EUR 400
Deep cleaning scalling (per quadrant ) EUR 120

Crowns / Veneers
Porcelain crown EUR 950
Porcelain veneer EUR 880
Zirconia crown EUR 920
Temporary crown EUR 150
Temporary veneer EUR 80

Full Denture per arch EUR 2000
Partial Denture schelatrat EUR 1600

Implant Procedures
Dental Implant (implant only) EUR 1000
Sinus lifting little EUR 300
Sinus lifting Large EUR 900
Bone graft (large) EUR 500
Bone graft (small) EUR 500
Root Canal Treatment

1 canal EUR 290
2 canal EUR 340
3 canal EUR 420
1 canal gangrenous EUR 320
2 canal gangrenous EUR 370
3 canal gangrenous EUR 430
1 retreatment root canal EUR 340
2 retreatment root canal EUR 360
3 retreatment root canal EUR 440

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