Dentist Kaunas Lithuania Apolonia

About Us
Our dental practice is established in 1994.
In 2001 after the reconstruction new dental centre is opened.
Ten dental specialists in various dental procedures providing the best possible treatment to each patient.
The clinic is equiped with modern devices and the best materials.

General Dentistry
Professional oral hygiene
Essential procedure in order to prevent decay and periodontal diseases. It is procedure when both mineralized and non-mineralized dental plaque are eliminated, surfaces of tooth and fillings are polished, applications with fluorine are performed, while all these procedures are performed by qualified oral hygienist.
Stains from tobacco and coffee and also gaps between teeth are perfectly cleaned during application of “Prophy flex” method. This is especially effective way to clean hardly accessible places.

Dental whitening
New and simple procedure that can be performed both at cabinet and at home.

Aesthetic Fillings
Restorations are performed with the material of highest quality characterized by colours and transparency of natural and healthy teeth.

Dental Implants
Dental implant is titanium screw that replaces root in the case of tooth loss. It is made of special medical titanium that is biologically inertial and doesn’t cause allergic reactions.
“Straumann” (producer: Switzerland), 3i and “Biohorizontai” (producer: USA) implants’ systems are used in our dental clinic.

Qualified specialists of our dental centre are offering wide variety of prosthesis works: ceramic crowns without metal and bridges with zirconium or aluminium oxide base, in-lays, on-lays, supportive arch and other removable prostheses with locks and without them, prosthesis on implants.
Surface of the front teeth is covered with ceramic plates (laminates) when filling can’t achieve appropriate aesthetical look.
Treatment plan is made before beginning of the treatment in order to satisfy aesthetical requirements and financial possibilities of the patients. This treatment plan is presented to the patient and corrected accordingly to patient’s requests.

Root Canal Treatments
Fixed and Removable Devices
Diagnostics and treatment of surgical and periodontal diseases
Team of qualified specialists is important during scheduling of the treatment plan.
Initial purpose of the treatment is to determine possible causes of the disease, to perform hygiene procedures while all kinds of plaque, both mineralized and non-mineralized, are eliminated, also to recommend measures for personal hygiene and methods of dental cleaning. Later if necessary periosurgical treatment (curettage, patch surgery), rational prosthesis, orthodontical treatment is implemented. Maintained therapy is performed in order to avoid renewal of the disease.


PRICE LIST ( Price list is informative. For a final price, consultations are necessary )
Teeth Whitening EUR 290
Professional oral hygiene EUR 55
Crowns / Veneers
Porcelain crown EUR 400
Porcelain veneer EUR 550
Zirconia crown EUR 400
Temporary crown/veneer EUR 50/80

Full Denture EUR 400
Partial Denture EUR 400

Implant Procedures
Dental Implant (implant only) 750-900 EUR
Bone graft 600 – 1500 EUR
1 root canal – 140 EUR
Molar – 400 EUR
Premolar – 280 EUR
Ineisor – 130 EUR

Initial inspection, anamnesis, documentation 35 EUR
Consultation 25 EUR
Local anesthesia 7 EUR
Isolation (usage of rubber dam) 15 EUR

Panoramic radiograph 20 EUR
One tooth dental radiograph (not printed) 3 EUR
One tooth dental radiograph (printed) 7 EUR

1 surface of the tooth 54 EUR
2 surfaces of the tooth (1 surface price) 50 EUR
3 surfaces and more (1 surface price ) 46 EUR
Full one tooth aesthetic restoration (5 surfaces of the tooth) 230 EUR
Incisal edge restoration 100 EUR
Correction of previous restoration 40 EUR
Glass fiber post cementation 80 EUR
“Climpro“ application (6 months) 1 tooth 10 EUR
“Biodentine“ 35 EUR
Polishing (1 tooth) 10 EUR
Reconstruction of occlusal surface after endodontic treatment 90 EUR

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