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Vita Centre Dental Clinic in Lisbon – Dental Implants in Portugal
Our clinic is located in the centre of Portugal capital, close to the International Airport of Lisbon with access to public transport. Since 2002, Vita Centre Clinic has provided services in implantology and other dental procedures at low prices.
Come and discover how we can help you to get a beautiful smile without spending much money.
Save from 50% to 70% in our dental clinic in Lisbon, Portugal.
The main reasons to choose Vita Centre Dental Clinic:
• We use the latest technology and high-quality materials.
• We are a modern and accessible clinic.
• Our dentists have an extensive experience and are specialised in implant surgery.
• Our treatments are painless.
• Our staff will help you providing friendly service.

Schedule an appointment and obtain a treatment plan free of charge at our Vita Centre Clinic in Lisbon.

Why choose Portugal?
The Portuguese dentists are internationally known for their technical expertise. Portugal is a small country with friendly and welcoming people. During your stay you can also visit wonderful places and see monuments that unveil a remarkable past history. Portugal is a safe, peaceful and sunny country with a wide seacoast. There are daily flights that connect Lisbon to the main Europe capitals.

Dental Implants Abroad – Dental Implants in Portugal
Over recent years, the dental tourism has grown significantly in Portugal. Our dental treatments have lower prices compared to other countries because the cost of living is significantly lower. Taking into consideration the Portuguese cost of life, aspects such as renting apartments or spaces, wages, material costs have a lower cost. These factors help to obtain affordable prices regarding dental treatments.
Portugal is one of the most accessible countries regarding economic aspects. A meal (dinner or lunch) can cost from 8 to 15 Euros and to use the metro train rail you can spend only one Euro. Portugal is a modern, organised and clean country with excellent infrastructures. These characteristics are also reflected in our dental clinics with skilled and specialised medical staff. Vita Centre dental clinic is prepared to provide integral and quality treatment, from aesthetical restorations to teeth whitening, dentures or implants.
Portugal is an excellent alternative for those who want to spend less money and obtain quality dental treatments. Vita Centre is a centre of excellence in the area of health care.
Choose Portugal for medical tourism and visit us!

Price List
Consultation – Free
Implant – 400 €
Same Day Implant – 600 €
ALL ON 4 ( price per jaw including implants and temporary teeth ) – 3.700 €
ALL ON 6 ( price per jaw including implants and temporary teeth ) – 4.800 €
ALL ON 4 price per jaw including implants, temporary teeth and final porcelain teeth – 5.600 €
ALL ON 6 price per jaw including implants, temporary teeth and final porcelain teeth – 6.700 €
Porcelain Fused to metal Crown – 400 €
Porcelain Crown – 500 €
Porcelain Veneer – 500€
3 Tooth Brigde includint 2 implants – 2.000 €
Lower Over denture from (Implant x2 and full denture) 2.600 €
Lower Over denture ( All-on-4) 3.700 €
Upper Over denture ( Implant x 5 and full denture) 4.250 €
Upper Over denture (Implant x 6 and full denture) 4.800 €
Tooth filling 32 – 45 €
Air polish 20 €
CT Scan 100 €
Bone grafting – 300 €
Sinus Lift – 500 €
Tooth extraction 32 €
Surgical tooth extraction 50.00 €
Surgical wisdow tooth extraction 120.00 €
Full Denture Acrylic ( 12 teeth ) – 280 €
Root Canal 90 – 120 €
Laser Whitening – 200 €

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