Dentist Milan Italy Chisoli

The Chisoli dental practice, located in the heart of Milano City Life, has been active for more than fifty years. It was founded in 1951 under the guidance of Dr. Antonio Chisoli, who was succeeded by his son Alessandro in 1999. Dental Studio Chisoli, ensures a best dental service for diseases related to the teeth and oral area, such as the treatment of caries, prosthetic rehabilitations, invisible orthodontics, teeth whitening, cosmetic aesthetic dentistry, etc. Attention to new technologies and cutting-edge devices for great results.

Both surgeons, as well as dentists, have always placed the oral health of the patient at the center of their activity, evaluating the patient’s health in all its aspects.
The dental services of Studio Chisoli are offered in a serene and relaxing environment. Dental studio is providing a wide range of services and dental care.

Particular attention is paid to new dental technologies and new therapeutic protocols, thanks to which the treatment of pathologies and the accuracy of diagnosis improves.

The Chisoli Dental Clinic guarantees a clinical quality of dental care, thanks to the experience and professionalism of its team, which uses only the latest generation equipment, certified materials and rigorous clinical protocols.

Owner of the Practice, the dentist surgeon deals with the prevention, diagnosis and therapy of diseases that affect teeth, mouth, jaws and related soft and hard tissues, oral and perioral.

The diagnosis is obtained through the clinical examination, the instrumental investigations and the anamnesis.

Dental rehabilitation, therapy and prophylaxis are also the responsibility of the dentist, who also designs, controls and finally inserts the different dental prostheses.

A member of the team is another dentist who deals exclusively with oral surgery and specializes in gnathology.

Doctor has specific skills for the diagnosis and treatment of problems concerning chewing disorders, malocclusions, bruxism, that is the nocturnal rubbing of the teeth, and problems of alignment between the jaws and teeth. It studies the relationships between posture and pathologies of the mouth.

A dental hygienist is an integral part of the team, who deals with the prevention and therapy of the oral cavity, and the cleaning of teeth from plaque and tartar.

It plays an important role in non-surgical therapy in patients suffering from periodontitis, that is, that inflammation of the gum tissues that can lead to many serious problems of the teeth.

The medical team is completed with an orthodontist, that is, a dentist who specializes in correcting irregularities in the growth and position of the teeth, as well as malformations of the jaw bones, in adults and children.

Holistic approach
Holistic dentistry considers the human being as a totality in which the different parts are related to each other.

Consequently, it tends to evaluate the link between the pathologies of the oral cavity and any other present or past pathologies.

Consider the possible existence of toxic or poorly tolerated materials that may be related to pathologies concerning other organs.

It is a total medical vision, aimed at the complete well-being of the body, in which the relationship between general pathologies and dental or mouth manifestations is fundamental.

Everything in our body that can develop pathologies of the oral cavity is evaluated: from posture to nutrition for example.

All dental care and treatments are always performed with biocompatible materials.

Dental Services

Diagnosis by intraoral camera
Caries care and reconstructions
Pediatric dentistry and sealing
Hygiene and ablation of tartar
Dental aesthetics
Teeth whitening
Periodontology (gum disease)
Immediate prosthetic rehabilitation load
Advanced implantology
Regenerative biotechnology
Gnathology and treatment of posture-related pains
Innovative prosthetic rehabilitations
Traditional and invisible orthodontics
Pediatric dentistry
Conscious sedation
Study of masticatory forces

Price List

Composite Filling EUR 90-140

Extraction Simple EUR 120

Extraction (surgical/impacted ) EUR 200-270

Porcelain inlay/onlay EUR 800

Teeth Whitening EUR 350

Regular teeth cleaning EUR 95

Composite veneer EUR 400

Composite bonding EUR  250

Deep cleaning scalling (per quadrant )EUR 100

Crowns / Veneers 

Metal Ceramic Crown EUR 870

Ceramic crown  EUR 800-930

Porcelain veneer  EUR 800

Zirconia crown EUR 930

Temporary crown/veneer EUR 130


Full Denture EUR 1.800

Partial Denture EUR 700

Implant Procedures

Dental Implant ( implant only ) EUR 1.000

Porcelain Crown On Implant EUR 1.000

Sinus lifting EUR 1.200

“All on Four” System  EUR ( per jaw including temporary teeth and final teeth ) 10.000

“All on Six” System  EUR ( per jaw including temporary teeth and final teeth ) 12.000

Bone graft (large) EUR 800

Bone graft (small) EUR 400

Root Canal Treatment EUR 180-300

INVISALIGN  EUR 3.000-5.500