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Dentist Minderhout Zuil Belgium is a clinic where you can get fast and high quality service by our higly educated team. You can get general dentistry treatment and more specific treatments like implantology. New patients, children and patients with acute symptoms are welcome.

Dentist Minderhout Zuil Belgium Clinic individual approach to each patient, great beautiful smile and mouth health are our daily mission. Our international team of dentists will provide personal and professional dental care.
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• Implants

What is an implant?
An implant can best be compared with an artificial root. An implant replaces an absent tooth root and a screw into the jaw. Implants are made of bio-compatible material such as titanium. Sometimes they are provided with a ceramic layer. The implant provides support for a crown, bridge or overdenture.

When implants are used?
In the case of tooth absence.

When is a treatment with implants possible?
Basically an implant can be placed to anyone with mature bone (from about eighteen). For successful treatment, you must meet certain conditions:

You must have sufficient jaw bone for the anchorage of the implants.
Your jawbone needs to be healthy.
The gums of the remaining teeth must be healthy.

The dentist will assess on the basis of X-rays that you have sufficient jawbone and whether it is healthy. Nowadays it is possible to allow new bone occur in places where there is too little of.

Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption have a significant adverse impact on the success of the treatment.

Your dentist will consult with you what approach in your situation the best.

Tooth Crowns / Bridges / Belgium

Crowns and bridges are sustainable replacements for teeth.
Crowns and bridges are intended as durable replacements for teeth. They look like natural teeth and in function as much as possible. A treatment for a crown or bridge is more complicatedand you will have to visit your dentist few times.
A crown is a cap made of metal and / or porcelain just over an abutment tooth. The cap is attached to the tooth with its original form and function.

A bridge replace one or more missing teeth . A bridge is on two or more piers. These are teeth or molars on opposite sides of the open space of the missing tooth. A bridge consists of two or more crowns that fit on piers and a bridge part between. This consists of one or more artificial teeth and which are at the place of the open space.

• Prostheses – Dentures
New denture plays a significant role when chewing and speaking. In addition, your artificial teeth are very important for your appearance. Your teeth are indeed your first eye-catcher.

Root Canal Treatment
Teeth consist of a crown and one or more roots. The crown is the part you see. The roots are not visible. The root contains nerve fibers and small blood vessels. This living tissue is pulp. If the tissue is not in good condition, the dentist performs a root canal treatment.

Bacteria are usually the cause of the inflammation. If your teeth are sensitive when you drink cold or hot drinks, that can be a first signal. Sometimes the inflammation does not have symptoms, but severe pain occur. Your dentist must remove the inflamed gum tissue, otherwise it will die. If the tooth tissue is there, the infection may spread to your jawbone.

Teet Whitening Dentist Minderhout Zuil Belgium

A white and bright teeth. Who would not love to have them? Beautiful white teeth are popular and different offers in various media to get them sounds like a great idea. The advertisements promise white teeth, often within an hour and in many cases that’s not possible. Teeth whitening using bleaching treatments can often, but not always cause damage to your mouth. European legislation in 2011. Since then aggressive bleaches are out of use. Consider you have a whitening treatment? Discuss your needs and your options with your dentist or hygienist.

The color of your teeth
The color of teeth is different for everyone. One has whiter teeth than others. Some are yellow, some even brown or gray teeth. Teeth do not all have the same color and sometimes deviate significantly from each other. Teeth structure is dentin and enamel. The color and the thickness of the dentine are particularly decisive for the color of the tooth. The enamel of teeth is practically transparent and a little white.

The canines have a thicker layer of dentin than the other teeth and are therefore often significantly more yellow. Your teeth become darker as you get older. The formation of dentin never stops. The enamel layer is thinner.

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