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About Us

Our dental center is one of the best dental centers in Peru, located in most cosmopolitan area of Lima, Miraflores.
Dental office is equipped with state ofthe art technology and best materials ensuring high quality dental treatment for each patient.

Dr. Jose Perez Yance owner of the clinic is dental surgeon and expert in implantology procedures providing a best possible care for the patients.

Our clinic has experience in dental tourism treating international patients on a daily basis.

Benefits of our treatments

Improvement of general oral health by use of high quality materials and most modern techniques.
Improvement of self-esteem.
Improvement of digestion process by making an improvement in the chewing activity.
Corrections of complete facial image.
Restorations of the proper position of the lips, making them more aesthetic.



Safe and proven successful procedure, since it has had many years of evolution both in the surgical procedure and in biomaterials used.
In our clinic we use titanium dental implants used in the USA, Brazil, Europe (BioHorizons) with a lot of scientific support; of great biological behavior (osseointegration) with the possibility of immediate loading.

If there is no enough bone availabale, we have several surgical procedures to make it possible, such as:

Maxillary split
Maxillary sinus lift
Bone graft
Various procedures using platelet rich plasma and fibrin, Biomaterials (collagen membrane, titanium membrane, human lyophilized bone, RTR, etc.)

Dental implants are used to replace missing roots and support artificial replacement teeth. Dental implants are comfortable and look like natural teeth.

Implant Center Pérez Yance is using best technology and innovation for the rehabilitation with unique dental implants with aesthetic results.

Dental implants are guaranteed for life and are clinically proven by some of the most comprehensive research in the industry.



Intraoral welding is a technique of the rehabilitation by using of dental implants indicated for cases of almost total absence of alveolar bone.


Does not require bone graft, immediate installation of fixed prosthesis in the same session, immediately after implant surgery.
Total recovery of anatomical structures.


Composite Filling $20
Extraction Simple $40
Extraction (surgical/impacted ) $120-$600
Porcelain inlay/onlay $200
Teeth Whitening $400
Regular teeth cleaning $40
Composite veneers $200
Deep cleaning scalling (per quadrant ) $70
Crowns / Veneers $300
Porcelain crown on metal $250
Porcelain veneer $300
Zirconia crown(CAD CAN) $400
Temporary crown/veneer $120

Full Denture $1200
Partial Denture $600
Post ( cap screw) $80

Implant Procedures
Dental Implant (implant only) $500
Sinus lifting $2000
“All on Four” System(implant with full hybrida protheses ) $5000
“All on Six” System(implant with full hybrida protheses ) $6000
Bone graft (large) $1200
Bone graft (small) $600

Root Canal Treatment
anterior $200
posterior $300

Other Procedures
Graft of menton $2000
Pterigoideo implant $600
Anterior vertical bone regeneration with menbrana cytoplast $2000
Full hybrida protheses with zirconia CAD CAM $6000

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