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About Us
Serbia is becoming an increasingly popular dental tourism destination for citizens all over the word.
One of the most popular Serbian destinations is Novi Sad.
Novi Sad is second largest city in Serbia located 30 minutes drive from Belgrade airport. From Budapest 3 hours and Wiena is 5 hours drive.
Dental clinic Dentalux is the only private dental clinic in Novi Sad completly commited to dental tourism. In our clinic we provide all sort of dental services.
The office is equipped with latest high-tech equipment and materials from EU, USA and Japan.
Dental interventions can only be carried out in Serbia by specialists who hold a degree from a faculty of dentistry, have completed their student practice, specialized in a certain area and received a proper license.
International patients are comeing to Serbia for a wide range of services such as dentures, dental implants, oral surgery, dental bleaching etc.
Dental surgeons usually have the latest equipment, while dentists increasingly use state of the art techniques and materials, speak several world languages and have broad general education.
Dental clinic contain equipment used in the world’s most developed countries, such as CAD/CAM technology, founded on 3D technology and computer designed work.
There are also lasers and laser technology, RTG machines, intraoral camera…

For our patients from abroad we offer folloring services:
• Airport transfer from and back to the Belgrade airport (300€ or more in dental services)
• Free accommodation in one of three rooms we have in hotel ELITE in Novi Sad (900€ or more in dental services) whic is above our clinic.
• Free local phone with free calls towards clinic and our hospitality service free viber and whats up on phone
• Free hospitality service available 24h/day

Here are just some prices of our services:
• Metal-ceramic crown 90 €
• Zirconium crown 180€
• Metal-ceramic crown on implant 140€
• Wisdom tooth extraction 100 €

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