Dentist Playacar Del Carmen

Dental Clinic in Playacar

Dentist Playacar Del Carmen provides wide range of treatments. Our clinic is 100% engaged in our patients, we plan and design each treatment focused on returning functionality as our main goal, assuring warranted quality results.
We are certified professionals specialized in all dental areas with over 20 years of experience; dozens of cases successfully resolved.

Highly Esthetic Restoration Specialized Dental Laboratory
We use CAD/CAM technology which allows us to provide quality results and outstanding precision, we offer a hand finished and natural looking, plus perfect functionality piece. By having our own Dental lab, we are able to provide the following services: higher quality, faster response, greater communication, successful treatment; patient – clinical and laboratory success, and we only use high quality materials.

Dental Treatments
Our team of dentists is qualified to create definite and functional solutions for each of our patients. We cover all dentistry specialties.

Esthetic Dentistry
Smile Design
Pediatric dentistry
Maxillofacial Surgery
TMJ and occlusion
Orthodontics and Maxillofacial Orthopedics

Price list / dental treatments in clinic Dentist Playacar Del Carmen

Composite Filling 50 USD
Teeth Whitening, In office 165 USD
Teeth Whitening, Home kit 130 USD
Extraction Simple 45 USD
Extraction surgical/impacted 75 USD
Regular teeth cleaning 60 USD
Deep cleaning scalling 80 USD
Full Porcelain inlay/onlay 300 USD
Full Ceramic Crown 340 USD
Zirconia Crown 420 USD
Metal Ceramic Crown. 250 USD
Ceramic Veneer /Lithium Disilicate/ 320 USD
Ceramic Veneer /Feldespatic/ 420 USD
Temporary crown /PMMA/ 25 USD
Nighte guard /included in all our rehabilitations/
Nighte guard treatment with Function. 240 USD
Full Denture, immediate or healling, per arch 240 USD
Full Denture, acrylic teeth, per arch 240 USD
Full Denture, ceramic teeth, per arch 340 USD
Partial Denture. Metal frame 460 USD
Partial Denture. Acrylic frame 160 USD
Temporary partial denture 190 USD
Dental Implant, standard titanium. HIOSSEN, Neodent /Implant only/ 780 USD
Dental Implant MIS, ADIN /Implant only/ 880 USD
Dental Implant Straumann SLA /Implant only/ 1.200 USD
Crown On Implant /Zirconium or Ceramic/ 600 USD
Sinus lifting 700-1.000 USD
Bone graft (Per unit) 380 USD
“All on Four” System HIOSSEN, NEODENT with zirconium Fixed Denture (upper arch or lower arch) 8.990 USD
“All on Four” System MIS, ADIN with PMF or Zirconium Fixed Denture (upper arch or lower arch) 7.990 USD
“All on Six” System with Straumann SLA with PMF or Zirconium Fixed Denture (upper arch or lower arch) 11.000 USD
Removable Denture w/4 implants 6.500 USD
Bone graft (per unit) 350 USD
Regular Extraction. 80 USD
Surgical Extraction 200 USD
Wisdom tooth Extraction 200 USD
Surgical Wisdom Extraction 300 USD
Gingivectomy per tooth /upper arch or lower arch/ 300 USD.
Invisalign System® 1.900 – 3.500 USD
Replace Braces /1 piece 40 USD
Final Guard (removable) 160 USD
Invisalign First ® 2.000 USD
Cleaning 60 USD
Sealant per tooth 50 USD
Filling 60 USD
Pulpotomy 230 USD
Tooth Crown 270 USD

Root Canal Treatment 240 USD
Root Canal Re Treatment 300 USD


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