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About Us
BF-Esse Dental Center is one of the leading dental centers in Latvia, located in Riga.
The dental center was founded 25 years ago and since then providing high quality dental treatments.
The center goal is to ensure oral health and to provide the widest range of services.
Specialists in the dental center guarantee excellent treatment results, aesthetics and quality.
Dental Center “BF-ESSE” Ltd. offers high quality and efficient services for you and your children. Certified doctors with extensive experience work in our center.
We have modern medical and diagnostic equipment that meets the requirements of the European Union Standards.
Our specialists use high-quality and state-of-the-art materials in dentistry and prosthetics based on scientific innovation in the industry.

Therapeutic dentistry
Treatments for a wide range of dental, oral, jaw and facial diseases.
It is a fast growing discipline with a new diagnostic methods.
This branch of dentistry is resolving problems including demaged enamel, endodontics ( root canal ) treatments, periodontology…
Thanks to modern, state-of-the-art technology, therapeutic dentistry can do almost impossible things and provide a complete treatment even for a very complex cases.

Oral Surgery
In our center, professional oral surgery care is provided, which includes tooth extraction (removal), dental injury treatment, suture application, wisdom tooth extraction, dental root surgery. Depending on the surgical dental problem, a professional dentist creates an individual treatment and rehabilitation plan.

Oral hygiene Procedures
Professional tooth cleaning: dental stone, soft plaque removal with special equipment, tools, pastes.
Tooth polishing, grinding of roughness, correction of occlusion contacts.
Mineralization therapy.
Periodontal application
Teeth whitening
Our modern dental center has its own dental laboratory, which employs highly qualified dental technicians. Working as a patient-dentist-dental technician center, we obtain high quality dental treatment and guarantee the restoration in a short period of time.
Metal – Ceramics – a type of dental prosthesis based on the use of a metal-ceramic crown.
Advantages of metal-ceramic – affordable prices.
Ceramics – a type of dental prosthesis based on the use of ceramic crowns. Crowns are made of pressed ceramics, sometimes with zirconium dioxide, as close as possible to the real tooth structure, thus guaranteeing a lasting and aesthetically natural look.
Removable prosthesis – a type of prosthesis used for full or partial dentures. Quickly restores chewing function thanks to precise denture fixation in the mouth. Nowadays there are many options for creating this prosthesis using the latest technology ensuring comfort.
An effective, new method for restoring lost teeth. Titanium implant is connected to the jaw bone. The implants, on the other hand, are fitted with various types of crowns or removable dentures, thus fully restoring the lost tooth and chewing function. No age limit for this procedure.
Aesthetic dentistry
Pediatric/Children Dentistry
3D Radiology – Panoramic
Virtual reality during treatment

PRICE LIST ( Informative only. For a final price, consultations are necessary )
Therapeutic dentistry
First Visit, consultation, Diagnosis, OPG 55€
Sealing with light-hardening materials:(anesthetics, consultation)
one tooth, one surface 80€
one tooth, two surfaces 88€
one tooth, three surfaces 95€
Restoration of the tooth 100€

Treatment of dental canals
Anesthesia,amputation, extirpation, mechanical expansion,mechanical and chemical treatment of root canal
Applying a dispensing medicine with a temporary seal
Root canal treatment (front tooth) 260€
Root canal treatment (pre-molar tooth) 300€
Root canal treatment (back molar tooth) 350€

Dental hygiene
Dental hygiene instruction and consultation, gum pocket treatment and processing, tartar and soft plaque removal;
Surface anesthesia;Treatment with soda stream
Dental hygiene (one jaw) 55€
Dental hygiene (both jaws) 90€
Teeth whitening 200€

Oral Surgery
Simple front tooth extraction (with anesthesia) 50€
Simple back tooth extraction (with anesthesia) 75€
8th tooth extraction (with anesthetic) 250€

Denture From 225€
Overdenture (on implants) From 225€
Making the snapshots 10€
Nightcaps 90€
Whitening caps 95€
Sport caps 100€

Ceramic+ metal crown 350€
Ceramic crown (without metal) 430€
Zirconium crown 450€
Veneers 475€

One implant surgical installation Alfa Bio implant 700€
One implant surgical installation Straumann implant SLActive 900€
One-unitcrown installationon a implant Alfa Bio 600€
One-unit crown installation on a implant Straumann SLActive 800€
Sinus Lift + membrane 750€
Solid tissue augmentation 260€-650€
Soft tissue augmentation 325€-650€
Temporary crown for implants 230€
3D scan for one jaw 50€
3D scan for both jaws 65€
Artificial bone/ bone substitution 20€

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