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Who we are
We are high quality dental clinic using best material and equippment
We at SoloSorrisi are a group of dentists who have decided to join forces in an exclusive network of professional studios in Rome characterized by a high quality service combined with cost and affordable access to all.
Our inspirational philosophy is “quality dentists and value at the right cost”.

We are reliable
Our dental practice in Rome has been well-established and regularly operating for at least 10 years. We do not like to improvise and we do not accept in our network newly opened professional studios. This is for us and our patients an additional guarantee of immediate and reliable safety and reliability.
Our medical staff
We only selected who is really experienced and up to date.
Our surgeons and dental surgeons have all proven experience and professionalism, and are all strictly enrolled in the Doctors’ and Dental Association.

What we do for your teeth
SoloSorrisi has the goal of allowing everyone to smile, from young to old, without pain and at the right price.
We at Solosorris are dealing with all branches of dentistry but in particular we are experts in implantology.
For this reason, we are able to solve brilliantly even more complex cases such as the increase or reconstruction of missing bone or the complete reconstruction of all teeth on implants in one session.
We also like to be able to guarantee to each of our patients the highest quality and attention by placing at their disposal, not just a dentist, but an entire team of implantologists and surgeons including:
Dental hygienist
Among our patients there are both infants and adults who have completely different needs. Stitched teeth to be fitted, complete reconstructions of all teeth on implants (in one visit), aesthetic reconstructions with porcelain veneers or periodontal problems .

Dental implantology in Rome
For those who have the need to replace one or more missing teeth in a reliable manner and avoiding pain and long waiting times.
We at SoloSorrisi using modern and reliable approaches such as Immediate Dental implantology, which solves many of the problems of the past, without no any painpatient and can get stunning results in just one day.
In fact, before this new methodology was introduced, patients often had to wait several months before returning to normal stage, but they often had to wear a mobile dental prosthesis (the classic “denture”).

One day implantology
There are very good reasons to take seriously the opportunity, to be able to put all your teeth back in only one day. Here are the most important reasons to do that:
• To solve a chewing problem in a very short time, you can eat back normally within a few days.
• In order to be immediately presentable, getting the smile from now on.
• To eliminate all possible infections, roots, teeth that can no longer be maintained for caries or “pyorrhea” (periodontal disease) as well as curing and retaining all the dentures that can be saved.
• To save: Less appointments, fewer waiting, less dead time between sessions.
• Less Seated = Time Reduction = Reduced Costs.
• Less absences from your workplace to go to the dentist.
• To replace one or more missing teeth (even all) by dental implants. Both the missing upper and lower arches can be replaced in the same visit.
• To limit the discomfort. Using conscious sedation, post-mortem injuries are generally minor and, in any case, well tolerated. This is possible because during sitting in conscious sedation the patient is more relaxed. Without experiencing pain, the entire body is not stressed and therefore does not react with the typical defense mechanisms (such as hormonal or muscular tension) that tend to increase the discomfort and general post-operative resentment.
• Less sessions = Less post operatives = Less absence from work = Less post-operative days possibly annoying.
• To limit the pharmacological impact to a maximum (the total amount of drugs and anesthetics that would have been taken during many sessions in our experience is generally low).
• Because, except in rare cases, there are no contraindications.

Who should consider Immediate Implantology?
• Who has lost one or more teeth and wants to replace them with dental implants.
• For those who are tired of wearing “the denture” or the mobile prosthesis with hooks.
• To those who have a mouth in poor condition and only have little tooth salvage.
• To those who, because of the “pyorrhee”, of caries or a trauma, also lost all the upper and lower teeth.

Do you have more pain in replacing changing all your teeth in one day?
Absolutely not. We at SoloSorrisi guarantee the reduction of total pain to all our patients who want to replace all the teeth in the day.
We use every pain relief solution that best suits your needs, from classical anesthesia to conscious sedation (How to eliminate fear and stress from the dentist (spending less) with nitrogen protosside or with the presence of an anesthetist expert.
For us at SoloSorrisi, eliminating pain, anxiety, discomfort and stress is always our first goal.

How can you put all the new teeth in one day?
If you are wondering how it is possible to carry out a tradition so long and complex in just one day, here is an explanation.
The main reasons are essentially two:
• New implant techniques, such as immediate dental implants, allow us to firmly support new teeth from the very first moment. With this technique, when applicable, it is no longer necessary to wait months before having the new fixed teeth.
• Conscious sedation allows you to completely eliminate fear, stress and pain and thus make it possible to receive the treatments in full relaxation. This allows, for example, the ability to position all the dental implants that the patient needs in absolute safety within a short period of time.
• New implant techniques for those who have little bone, such as ALL ON FOUR and ALL ON SIX, which allow you to place implants for those patients who have a remarkable reduction in bone and where it is not possible to insert the implants with traditional techniques.
• The fact that much of the study and preparatory work is done with the patient’s collaboration and approval before the intervention, helping us to identify and create a reliable and tailor-made solution to patient needs.

Smile without embarrassment, during and after treatment.
Invisible orthodontics of Invisalign® does not use classic fissures and metal wires, but with its highly innovative approach it is based on transparent and removable masking sets, which are replaced periodically. The teeth move slowly, week after week, until they are aligned to the final position defined by our specialist.
Each mask is tailor-made for the patient and allows orthodontic movements of extreme precision. This allows you to align your teeth effectively and comfortably.
The Benefits of Orthodontics with Invisalign? Comfortable, transparent, aesthetic, removable!
The invisible Invisalign® device combines perfectly with the patient’s teeth and becomes virtually “invisible”. People do not realize that the device is carried, even at a close distance.
The masks are worn day and night and are taken off only to eat and to brush your teeth.
The pressure exerted on the teeth is not bad. As soon as you put a new mask you have the same feeling you feel when you push slightly with a finger on a tooth. This sensation decreases with the time and ends completely after one or two hours.
At the beginning of the therapy, you will be able to see the end result in advance and how your teeth will be at the end of the treatment, thanks to ClinCheck, the extraordinary software that shows you the 3D virtual treatment plan.
ClinCheck shows the dental movements provided during the treatment.

The purpose of this innovative technique is to give our patients who have an imperfect smile because of malformations, missing or defective teeth, to be able to easily see, and directly on their teeth the result they would get from our care even before To do it.
In other words, you can see your “future” smile applied to your teeth immediately, and in an extremely realistic way, in order to be able to:
• Evaluate with all calmness and serenity the result that can be obtained before making a final decision
• Avoid any kind of surprise at the end of dental reconstruction or tooth cosmetics
• Choose the most appropriate therapy for your specific case based on your aesthetic, time and cost requirements
• Indicate any minor changes and improvements to the look, shape, size, and color of the new smile to be made.

How can this be accomplished?
This new technique, which we call “4D Smile”, is similar to what architects do when they make a building they have designed before proceeding to the actual construction or what a tailor does befor emaking the dress
In fact, with our 4D Smile Technique you will literally wear your future smile.
We ourselves advise our patients to decide whether to undertake these reconstructive and dental cosmetic therapies only after having seen what may be the ultimate result that can be obtained.
The technique we use to make your new “4D smile” allows us to “apply” directly to your teeth, a “façade” that corrects and eliminates existing imperfections and defects. This application only takes one session.

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