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KODENT® DENTAL CLINIC – 40 years of experience and tradition – Tradition since 1976
Made in Germany – SAVE UP TO 70%
Your Dental Center for high natural aesthetic dentistry and implantology
KODENT® DENTAL CLINIC was founded 1991 in Sabac, Serbia. The owners had transferred their significant twenty-year- experience from 1976, acquired in Germany, to Serbia and have made a modern dental center, well-known according to its natural looking restorations, professional approach to the patients, well educated and kind staff and exceptionally high standard of given services.

In our dental clinic KODENT® we perform all kinds of dental treatments, with the highest class of Japanese and German dental products. Many years of experience, newest technology and materials allow us to offer our patients a professional and quality treatment, efficient and fast service, according to international standards. The satisfaction of our patients is our main goal. Our professional staff will make sure that your arrival in KODENT® is enjoyable, in order to improve your health and smile. We give a guarantee for all our work.
100% Prettau Aesthetics
KODENT® consists of the clinical part, with dentistry units and a cabinet with the latest 3D orthopan – and laboratory part – the dental laboratory Dental Lab KODENT®. The dental laboratory – Dental Lab Kodent® is famous for its most natural aesthetic looking dental restorations, from materials like the cirkonia PRETTAU ANTERIOR®, which are still very rare in many countries. You will not leave our facilites until you are 100% satisfied.

EXPERT 3D Cone Beam from Samsung
Our cabinet with the latest 3D Orthopan is suited to a wide range of clinical applications, the RAYSCAN a – Expert features a 9 x 9 cm field of view and a CMOS sensor capable of capturing 16-bit DICOM images with low radiation exposure for patients.

An integral part of KODENT® is the regional CAD/CAM Dentistry Center, for processing metal free crowns and bridges, dental implant prosthetics, custom zirconia abutments, inlays, onlays and veneers. Everything is possible, due magnificant technical variety and fantastic materials, milled with Zirkonzahn M1 and M5 CAD/CAM systems. That is a great advantage, for all the patients, to receive advice from the dentist and the dental technicians, to see the variety of works and restorations, to touch and to feel the materials, to follow the process of making a new gorgeous smile. All at one place.

IMPLANTOLOGY and long term clinical researches
Dental Center KODENT® has a long-term practice in the field of implantology. We embed all kinds of implants according to patients wishes. Implantation of dental implants in the jaw bone is considered to be the most successful procedure in modern dentistry. To accomplish the highest performance, it is necessary that the implant procedures are performed by trained personnel and to chosse premium implants. Not all implants are of the same quality. We prefer premium implants, of outsanding quality. Long term clinical researches prove the top results.

In KODENT® the patients are able to inform themselves completely about the implants and procedure of their implantation before the intervention itself. Installation procedure in the dental clinic KODENT® is preceded by a detailed review with the required expertise ORTOPAN 3D footage. After that:
DAY 1: implantation of dental implants.
DAY 2: patient receives temporary restorations of superiour quality and aesthetic, done by CAD/CAM technology ZIRKONZAHN which he wears 3 months and after 3 months definitive restorations are made on implants. Since the implant is a medical device which stays in the body till the end of life it is certain that it must be of superiour quality.

RECOMMENDATION – good voice is heard far away
The trust placed in us by our patients we highly appreciate and with our work and attitude we try to justify it. A large number of patients come to us by recommendation. Numerous recommendations of our satisfied patients from all over the world have made KODENT® to become a well-known address, if you need a perfect smile and a fully functional, long term restoration. Our patients are coming to us from all over the world.


  • Implantology
  • Prosthetic Dentistry
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Pediatric Dentistry
  • Oral surgery
  • Periodontics
  • Preventive Dentistry
  • Conservative Dentistry
  • Prosthodontics

Dental tourism – A VACATION that you will enjoy
Dental centre KODENT® has experience with dental tourism for more than twenty years. The greatest number of patients come to us because of the good recommendation. Quality –precision – aesthetics must be met. It is appreciated by all our patients, from the USA to Europe. They especially praise the attitude of our professional team to the patient. On solving of certain dental problems, people in our country and abroad spend much time and that costs a lot. The equipment of our clinic and dental laboratory, as with CAD/CAM centre significantly accelerates and facilitates the treatment. Even for the great works (like circular bridge) we need about five working days. High quality materials we work with significantly influence at the speed of healing and recovery. There is not a problem for which there is not a solution! In several visits you will get adequate and painless treatment. Expect the smile you dream about!

We will pick you up from the airport – it is 40 minutes by car. We will book for you a perfect hotel room. The hotel has a great new pool, and you can spend there a great short vacation. KODENT® will pay for you the stay of 2-5 nights, depending of the amount of the services we provide to you. Also, the hotel will take care about your food, appropriate to your therapy. We will also take care of your transfer to us and to the hotel. It takes 5 minutes by the car. Just 5 minutes from the hotel is a very nice shopping center. Also we will show you our town and its historical places. You will love it!

We are the right address for all kinds of dental and dental lab services, teeth restorations, metal-ceramic, metal free ceramic and implantology. Our center is the leader in the region. Innovative, modern and ready for all kind of works. We solve the most complicated cases. KODENT® , clinic for modern dentistry and implantology offers you the top quality service with the best quality and most modern materials and equipment. Inform yourselves on our site on all materials that we use, implants, equipment, teeth restoration which you receive in our center – will last all your life. The health comes through our mouth. That is why the quality is of crucial significance.
Everything has its price except your health. Examinations and consultations in our clinic are free. If you do not have the opportunity to come, send us the description of your problem on our mail As an attachment, please send digital ortopan footage of both jaws. In that way we shall have better insight in the condition of your teeth and bones, which will significantly help us in analysing and expertise. Our professional team of dentists, surgeons and dental technicians will, after the detailed analyses, give the suggestion for treatment and treatments, which will be sent to you by mail. We shall explain the whole procedure and which interventions are needed. We are always willing to give answers to all your questions.Languages: German, English, Russian, Serbian.

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