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Navarro Dental Clinic is formed by an accredited group of professionals specialized in Dentistry, who offer their services in order to recover and improve the dental health of their patients.
A personal treatment and individual approach are very important segments for all those who work at Navarro Clínica Dental. Our attention is characterized by establishing a close communication with the patient, offering the guarantee and security for the treatments , in a relaxing and pleasant environment.

How do we work?
Case Study
The first time when patient comes to our office, the patient undergoes exhaustive buco-dental exploration using modern x-rays, models and photos and a series of complementary tests that allow to collect all the necessary data, to establish a diagnosis and to give the best treatment options.
Custom treatment
The patient, perfectly informed of the different possibilities after the study of his case, is the one that makes the final decision, with the advice and help of our team.
Depending on the type of pathology, we establish a protocol of review appointments to ensure the correct evolution of the treatment and to control the maintenance of the results obtained.
The personal, accounting or health data contained in the records and files created for the management of each patient are exclusively used for this purpose and comply strictly with the Data Protection Act
The most important part of our services is to offering our patients the best services, treatments and techniques, to achieve the highest quality performed by highly educated professionals and the latest generation of devices.
It is the best option if you miss one or more dental piece. In implantology we are characterized by the use of computer guided surgery, which reduces postoperative discomfort and allows us to place prostheses in 24 hours.
To preserve the health of the tooth and the tissues that surround it, we use periodontics procedures in those patients in whom hygiene is not correct, by eliminating the plaque with scaling and root planing.
We seek to recover the masticatory and aesthetic function, going from the implant prosthesis to the fixed and removable prostheses.
From early ages we try to intercept and prevent malocclusions. In adults, the alignment of teeth improves aesthetics and oral function. We have invisible orthodontics (invisaling) with which we will place your teeth without anyone knowing that you have orthodontics.
Aesthetic treatments
We analyze the smile to improve it to the maximum, sometimes using porcelain or composite veneers, which are thin sheets that stick on the tooth, or whitening treatments.
Conservative Dentistry
Our main purpose is to preserve the dental pieces, and for this we are making reconstructions, endodontics treatments and crowns.
Therapeutic and medical gases used to anesthetize a patient and relieve pain during the treatments. It has excellent analgetic efficacy and good tolerance demonstrated in children.
We collaborate with a group of anesthesiologists for longer and more aggressive surgeries that require the medical control of an anesthesiologist.

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