Dentist San Remo Mariotti

About Us
Dental Studio Dr. Mariotti Augusto is located in Sanremo.
Our dental studio is providing comfortable environment where the direct relationship between the dentist and the client is at the forefront.
Dr. Mariotti performs: aesthetic reconstructions, inlays, devitalizations, fixed and mobile prostheses, implants procedures, complex extractions, surgery, periodontics, hygiene and prophylaxis, pediatric dentistry.
In addition, aesthetic requirements such as tooth whitening and interventions on perioral skin are also available.
In our studio we are using best materials and state of the art equippment to provide best possible treatment.
Part of our daily routine is use of laser that allow us to perform more precise, painless treatments.


  • Radiology
    Studio is equipped with digital equipment for both intraoral and panoramic radiographs. Immediate images on the computer with reduced radiation dose.
  • Implantology
    It allows to replace one or more missing teeth in a fixed way or prosthetic way.
  • Oral and periodontal surgery
    From extractions of teeth to gingival and bone surgery.
  • Mobile prosthesis
    Replacement of missing teeth with prostheses that can be removed for hygiene.
  • Fixed prosthesis
    Technique to replace missing teeth with the prosthesis that can be removed ( eg.crowns )
  • Conservative Dentistry
    Fillings / Endodontic treatments
  • Oral hygiene
    Deep claning, Removal of tartar. Instructions for the correct home oral hygiene.

Composite Filling EUR 100/150
Extraction Simple EUR 100
Extraction (surgical/impacted ) EUR 200
Porcelain inlay/onlay EUR 350
Teeth Whitening EUR 400
Regular teeth cleaning EUR 150
Composite veneer EUR 500
Deep cleaning scalling (per quadrant ) EUR 180

Crowns / Veneers
Porcelain crown EUR 800
Porcelain veneer EUR 700
Zirconia crown EUR 600
Temporary crown/veneer EUR 150

Full Denture EUR 2000
Partial Denture EUR 1000/1800

Implant Procedures
Dental Implant (implant only) EUR 800
Sinus lifting EUR 500
“All on Four” System EUR 12000
“All on Six” System EUR 15000
Bone graft (large) EUR 750
Bone graft (small) EUR 500

Root Canal Treatment 200/300 (except composite filling)
Gnathological treatment with bite EUR 450
Orthopantomography EUR 80
Resective bone surgery EUR 350/700

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