Dentist Sao Paulo Saude

The mission of our clinic is to provide healthy and happy smiles, through quality treatments and excellence in care, always aiming the health, well-being and patient satisfaction.

To be reference of quality in dental services, through the holistic approach, aiming to achieve best results in function and aesthetics in the oral cavity.

Responsibility, respect and professional ethics. Professionals qualified and committed to treatments of excellence. Infrastructure suitable to provide comfort in a quiet and relaxed environment without the stress of everyday life. Humanized care in order to understand the patient and their physical, emotional and social needs.

Clinical planning
• Xrays • Photos • Study models • Power Point Presentation

• Prophylaxis • Manual and ultrasonic scraping• Plastic and gingival peeling • Increased clinical crown

• Direct, indirect and semi-direct • Composite resin • Ceramics • Porcelain

• Single session • Rotary instrumentation • Apicectomy • Uni and multi root • Retrograde shutter

• Removable • Fixed • Total • Crown over implant

Orthodontics and Orthopedics
• Adult and child • Conventional • Invisalign • Self-ligating • Aesthetic

• Unitary and multiple • Protocol • Overdenture

• Extraction • Pre-prosthetics • Bone graft • Bichectomy

Dental Aesthetics
• Ceramic Veneer • Dental contact lens • Whitening • Dental Peeling

Botulinum Toxin
The toxin acts by paralyzing the muscle. By avoiding this movement, it prevents muscle contraction, which is what forms the wrinkle. For existing ones,
This relaxation of the muscles softens the lines.
• Relieve the pain um the face and the head from Bruxism (grinding the teeth) • Treat frown lines • Wrinkles around the eyes, mouth and chin • Vertical lines around the neck • Eyebrow lifting • Improve the upper eyelid lines • Rejuvenate appearance
Hyaluronic acid
Facial fill is a procedure for embellishing and restructuring aged skin. It fills wrinkles and furrows, in addition to improving the facial contour. It can also be used to increase the volume of the lips.
• Applied on the back of the nose to eliminate smacks on the cheekbones
Increasing the tone and volume of the region
• In the wrinkles around the mouth and in the corners of the mouth
• In the region of the jaw and the temples
• On the lips, restoring volume and softening the appearance of very fine mouth
• In the shadow areas of the face below the nose
• Nasal bioplasty
• In the dark circles
• At the base of the eyebrow and in the area between the nostril and the corner of the mouth.

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