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  • About Us
    Sanelia dental clinic is located in Valls, only fifteen minutes by car from Tarragona city.
    Our clinic’s main objective is to provide high quality dental services prioritizing our patient’s health.
    Our clinic is composed by a team of four highly trained, experienced dentists, each one specialized in a different branch of dentistry, which allows us to offer a multidisciplinar dental service.
    Doctor Mario Vilar Gonzales is in charge for General and Prosthetic dentistry
    Doctor Albert Ustrell Tuero is Oral Surgeon.
    For Orthodontics Treatments Dr.Lissette Merino Marin
    Dr.Alberto Orejudo De Rivas is in charge for Endododontics Procedures
    Our Dental Higienist is Mrs.Maria Romina Baldan
    In our clinic we are providing a full range of dental treatments using the best materials and equipment.
    ( Price List is informative only. It’s necessary to consult the Doctor for a final price. Treatment prices are in Euros. )
    Filling 70
    Reconstruction + Pin 100
    Strained post 150
    Canal treatment 225
    Canal retreatment 275
    Complete removable prosthesis. Upper or lower 600
    Removable partial denture 650
    Provisional complete prosthesis 400
    Material addition of a complete removable prosthesis 150
    Material addition of an implant retained overdenture 200
    Resin prosthesis reparation 80
    Híbrid implant retained prosthesis. Upper or lower 3800
    Abutments 150
    Locator abutments 500
    Implant retained overdenture. Upper or lower 1000
    Discharge splint 300
    Metal-ceramic crown 350
    Zirconia crown 500
    Provisional crown 65
    Implant retained crown 650
    Implant retained inmediate loading prosthesis 1000
    Single implant retained inmediate loading crown 20

Simple extraction 60
Complex extraction 90
Surgical extraction 120
Third molar extraction (not included) 120
Third molar or canine extraction (semi-included) 180
Third molar or canine extraction (included) 300
Included teeth extraction 180
Multiple extraction (hemiarcade) 350
Infection curettage (small>less than 5mm) 50
Infection curettage (big>more than 5mm) 120
Infection curettage (gigant>more than 2cm) 300
Simple bone regularitation 150
Complex bone regularitation 350
Periapical surgery 350
Frenectomy 250
Anatomopatholgycal study (biopsy) 180

Periodontical diagnoses (periodontograme included) 60
Unitary gingivectomy (one teeth) 50
Partial gingivectomy (six teeth) 250
Total gingivectomy (ten teeth) 400
Aesthetic gingivectomy 150
Dental scaling (per quadrant) 90
Crown enlargement (one teeth) 90
Crown enlargement (six teeth) 450
Crown enlargement (ten teeth) 650
Aesthetic crown enlargement 150
Simple periodontal surgery (one teeth) 80
Complex periodontal surgery (one teeth) 150
Multiple periodontal surgery (hemiarcade) 350
Mucogingival surgery (connective soft tissue graft) 500

Dental implant 850
Xenograft 0.5gr 200
Xenograft 1gr 350
Sinus lift (intrapocket) 400
Sinus lift (lateral) 800
Simple dental implant explantation 150
Complex dental implant explantation 250
2º dental implant surgery 80
Temporary implant (provisional) 500

Bleaching 450
Composite veneer 350
Inlay/Onlay 350
Porcelain veneer 500€

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