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The dental center Don Bosco was founded in 1998 at Dossobuono by Dr. Massimiliano Grobberio and Dr. Gianluca Spedo. Our focus is on always caring about your well-being and as our client you will always be our top priority.
In 2013 we moved to a much more modern structure, we created a modern and cutting-edge studio, always keeping the family character that we are representing.
Our clinic is based in a recently refurnished building on the state road connecting Verona to Mantua.
The spacious area allows us to welcome our patients in our welcoming lounge with a modern reception desk and comfortable studios.
To give more and more to our patients in 2015, we also become a Policlinic studio. We have entered new professional figures and our team of doctors and collaborates to give you 360 degree wellness.

• Oral Hygiene • Implantology • Digital Radiography • Conservative • Endodontics • Orthodontics • Invisalign • Surgery • Pedodontics

Replacement of missing dental roots using titanium implants (the intimate contact between the implant and the bone tissue stabilizes the artificial root making it particularly durable and resistant).
Dental implants are titanium artificial roots that are directly in contact with the bone by inducing a healing called osteointegration, ( complete acceptance of the implant by the bone ).
The implant is also a valid substitute for the traditional bridge and mobile prostheses. We are using high quality implants and techniques that are the result of 30 years of international research.
Ever-evolving research allows us today, in selected cases, to immediately use the implant without waiting for the normal 3-6 months of healing. The patient who comes to the studio to insert the implants will be able to go out on the same day with his fixed teeth and complete functionality.
Nothing can replace the natural teeth but once the tooth is lost implants are the best solution we know.

Orthodontics prevents and eliminates abnormalities of the chewing area in both children and adults, bringing bone, teeth and facial profile to the correct position as much as possible. The treatment is studied in relation to the patient’s need and clinical situation with careful diagnosis and preparation of the treatment program.

Fixed orthodontics
Application of orthodontic braces on the teeth. Braces are visible when the patient smiles. The technique is personalized and constantly evolving, and as the type of the braces used constantly changes, it allows you to get a better result in a short time. Ceramic braces (white, less visible than classic metal) can be used as well.

Dental prosthesis
Porcelain dental elements (highly aesthetic and natural look ).
Replacement of missing dental elements with fixed or mobile prosthetic technique

  1. FIXED: Includes any kind of restoration or reconstruction that is cemented on teeth specially prepared by the dentist using implants inserted into the bone.
  2. MOBILE: refers to any type of detachable device, from the total prosthesis (the classic “denture”) to the skeletons (partial prostheses reinforced by a metal skeleton and attached).
    Our clinic collaborates with a dental laboratory with which we have been working for many years. This close collaboration allows us to work at our best and to reduce waiting time.

Outpatient Care Center • Reflex Therapy of Painful Points • Intervertebral infiltrations • Laryngeal Therapy • Hand Therapy • Postural gymnastics

Aesthetics Treatments
Filler Treatments
Over the years our skin loses its youthful appearance because of the production of natural dermic and moisturizing substances such as hyaluronic acid decreases. Consequently, lines and wrinkles appear where our skin was once young and radiant.
Today, natural aging processes can be reduced by restoring the amount of hyaluronic acid.
Hyaluronic acid is the natural moisturizing agent of the skin.
Hyaluronic acid can contain up to 1,000 times its weight in water, thus maintaining its softness (moisturizing effect) and its volume (volumizing effect).

Nutrition & Psychology
In recent years numerous scientific studies have emphasized the close interconnection between food and mind, where the former can affect the other and vice versa. The maintenance of psychological well-being also goes hand in hand with healthy nutrition, characterized by a balanced diet and qualitatively selected food based on nutritional principles and values.

Dermatology is the branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases, skin disorders, and oral and genital membranes.
Skin is the largest human organ and represents the first protective barrier in human body. Although some dermatological diseases only affect the skin, there are many indications of a systemic disorder that affects many tissues or organs of the body.
Consequently, the formation of the dermatologist must also include other branches of medicine and should allow the patient to be evaluated from a general point of view.

Treatment of dermatological diseases:
• Diagnosis and treatment of skin and mucous disorders and outbreaks
• Diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic diseases of the adult and child: atopic dermatitis, acne, psoriasis.
• Screening of skin cancers
• Snowmapping with thermoscopic examination with report and photo
• Non-surgical treatment of non-melanom skin cancers
• Removal of keratoses
• Treatment of scars and acnes
• Non-ablative dermatitis with revitalizing and lightening treatment
• Treatment of varicose veins
• Facial antiaging treatments: hyaluronic acid botulinum, toxin botulinum. Resorbable fillers with hyaluronic acid, botulinum to correct small facial defects, lips rejuvenation and primary hyperhidrosis.

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