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About Us
With our recent transfer of address to the newly inaugurated “POLIMEDICA Vigevano”, we are proud to say that we are now the largest, avant-garde
Pole of Health Excellence in the area.
Our Dental Clinic offers the patient an absolutely new, ‘total care’ experience with its spaces, which are fully equipped for the most complex, high level implantand dental surgery, thus ensuring an even higher profile performance.
Great attention has also been placed on providing high quality service to a wider range of patients, creating two distinct departments: Èlite and Premium.
Èlite represents continuity in excellence in the various branches of dental Stomatology, offering the highest standards,both in terms of experience, preparation and innovation as well as in terms oftechniques, technology and materials used.
Premium is the department where young professionals operate. They have been trained within the Clinic and boast at least 5 years of experience, guaranteeing basicdental care and the best possible quality – price ratio.
Our Dental Clinic also operates in partnership with MBA medical aid and we are therefore able to offer our patients integrated, medical aid at exceptional prices,both as regards quality and amount of coverage offered.
The recent opening of “Studio BENZI Dental Clinic” on the new premises makes it the largest, most modern and fully equipped Clinic in Vigevano,and has been created to be the Pole of Excellence in the all the sectors it represents. On the same premises , besides Studio BENZI Dental Clinic we have Dr. R. Spallain his new pharmacy – “Farmacia MORONI” and “EMMEBI Servizi” which bring together the 6 well-known and most appreciated general practitioners in the area,with their 30 associate specialists; “S. Giorgio” Laboratories; “VISCONTEA” Physiotherapy and the “URSUS Impresa” Medical Lab.

Why choose us

  • 25 years of experience in Periodontal Surgery and Implants
  • Highly specialized in total rehabilitation of very complex cases with multi-disciplinary approach
  • Our Studio is the Italian partner of Malo Clinic Lisbon, and has worked for years with Prof. P. Malo, creator of the All-on-4™system
  • Dr Benzi is tutor of the official Nobel Biocare All-on-4™ course and collaborates in clinical for tests the development of the system• Methods of advanced prosthetic implants such as All-on-4™ teeth fixed in 24 hours and computer aided surgery
  • Teams of specialists, active researchers and lecturers in training courses and national and international conferences
  • Sophisticated diagnostic support such as dental CT and 3D vision computer guided surgery
  • Use of innovative naturopathic strategies for rehabilitation and self-regeneration such as ENF, SCENAR, REAC
  • Guaranteed reliability and durability of the job through the use of protocols, techniques, materials, diagnostic support of the highest level

Fixed teeth in 24 hours
Immediate load implants
Computer guided surgery
Rehabilitation of complex cases
Dental radiology
Dental, 3D Cone Beam CT
Evaluation of Dental Color
Conscious sedation
LASER therapy
Oral hygiene by Diode LASER
Dental veneers
Digital smile design
Invisible orthodontics
Tooth Whitening
Tartar removal
Holistic and naturopathic therapies
Fixed teeth in 24 hours
This method is almost always possible, even in severe cases of edentulism (toothless patients), having all teeth fixed within 24 hours as well as recoveringthe full functionality and aesthetics of the mouth, thanks to the most advanced techniques in immediate loading that our surgery offers.

Immediate load implants
Immediate loading is synonymous of fixing teeth in the same sitting In which the implants are positioned, whether it is an implant that goes to replace a single tooth,or a system of implants that enables rehabilitation with teeth fixed onto both arches.

All-on-4™, which means “all on 4” (implants), is a protocol of prosthetic implant that provides edentulous patients (toothless or about to lose their teeth)or patients with serious bone and / or teeth problems, a fixed, highly efficient, scientifically validated and aesthetically highly predictable prothesis,supported by only 4 implants that allow rehabilitation of the complete arch by means of immediate loading in only one day.

Computer guided surgery
Computer guided surgery, with the aid of modern and increasingly sophisticated software, enables the surgeon to plan the operation by means of a computer program,step by step, starting from a proper dental CT scan.

Rehabilitation of complex cases
Our team boasts extensive expertise in the field of rehabilitation of complex cases, especially for solutions on natural teeth, implants or even mixed cases.
anced pyorrhea, large granulomae, maxillary cysts, extended tooth loss, severely damaged or badly treated teeth, extended bridges operating on decay thatcompletely compromises its function.

A prosthesis implant is an extremely recent branch of dentistry that deals with the complete rehabilitation of the maxilla area, by means of fixed prosthetic structures, almost always set in a single loading session and offers immediate function, avoiding long and complex, therapeutic process of preparation, without bone implant from self- extraction or other synthetic material available on the market.

Conscious sedation
Conscious sedation in Dentistry is a medically controlled condition that does not normally result in the loss of protective reflexes (ability to maintain patency of the respiratory tract, and the ability to respond to physical stimuli and verbal commands) with the aim of providing a condition of relaxation, amnesia and / or pain control during an operation.

Oral hygiene by Diode LASER
The Diode laser is a type of laser that offers the widest range of applications in Dentistry.
One of the most innovative in the use of diode laser is surely Assisted Laser Oral Hygiene.

Dental veneers
This is presently one of the most fascinating treatments, of a restorative and aesthetic impact, and one of the most innovative aesthetic treatments today.
They are thin ceramic sheets (or composite resin), created by the dental lab and adequately applied onto teeth.

Digital smile design
Aesthetics in dentistry is a subtle game of harmony between teeth, lips, face and soft tissues as well as the psychology of the patient.
The digital design of the smile (Digital Smile Design) is a new method that allows the patient to evaluate the main objective of this treatment together with the dentist, so as to decide on how to rearrange the most important aesthetic and functional aspects without neglecting others for a positive final result.

Invisible orthodontics
Invisible Orthodontics is an innovative approach in the field of diagnosis, prevention and rehabilitation of dental malocclusion. Unlike traditional Orthodontics,
it does not use traditional equipment made of metal or ceramic brackets, which are clearly visible, but uses completely invisible devices.

Tooth Whitening
Tooth whitening or bleaching is a professional method that whitens teeth without damaging the enamel, without causing any sensitivity and without any particular contra-indication. In one single session it is possible to obtain an effective whitening of the tooth enamel and teeth will remain very naturally polished and clean, thus restoring light and brilliance to your smile.

Composite Filling 220,00 €
Extraction Simple 100,00 €
Extraction (surgical/impacted ) 150,00 €
Composite (Vanini Technique) inlay/onlay 650,00 €
Teeth Whitening 650,00 €
Regular teeth cleaning 100,00 €
Deep cleaning scalling (per quadrant ) Laser Diode 100,00 €

Root Canal Treatment Mono-Canal 400,00 €
Root Canal Treatment Poly-Canal 500,00 €
Root Canal Re-Treatment Mono-Canal (Microscope) 500,00 €
Root Canal Re-Treatment Poly-Canal (Microscope) 600,00 €
Crowns / Veneers
Composite veneers 800,00 €
Porcelain Veneers 1.300,00 €
Porcelain crown 1.200,00 €
Composite CAD/CAM Crown 700,00 €
Zirconium/Ceramic crown 1.200,00 €
Temporary crown/veneer 250,00 €

Implant Procedures
Dental Implant (implant only) Nobel CC 1.250,00 – 1.350,00 €
Major Sinus Lift 2.000,00 €
Mini Sinus Lift trans Crestal Approach 500,00 – 700,00 €
Nobelbiocare “All-on-4®” (Upper J) *16.500,00 – 17.500,00 €
Nobelbiocare “All-on-4®” (Lower J) *15.500,00 – 16.500,00 €
Nobelbiocare “All-on-4®” Hybrid Zygoma to Temporary Restoration **24.000,00 €
Nobelbiocare “All-on-4®” Full Zygoma to Temporary Restoration **28.000,00 €
“All on Six” System (Hibrid restoration Composite) same price of “A-o-4®”
“All on Six” System Titanium/Ambarino Implant Bridge 18.000,00 €
“All on Six” System Procera Zirconia/ceramics Implant Bridge 26.000,00 €
Only in Upper jaw option: Procera Imp.Bridge + Disilicate/ceramic crowns 9,000€
Final Restoration: Procera Implant Bridge + Composite Teeth 6.000,00 €
Final Restoration: Procera Implant Bridge + Disilicate/ceramic crowns 12.000,00 €
Bone graft (large) 800,00 – 1.200,00 €

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