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About Us / Way of work
We offer dental care with ethics and professionalism to generate wellness, health and aesthetics, to all people who use our service with unconditional guarantee.
We are a team of professionals committed to your dental treatment from day one.
Each of the team’s professionals is fully qualified to provide optimal care from every point of view
The patient will always be treated by the same professionals, who will study each case as exhaustively as possible in order to offer the best results. This is the only way to ensure successful treatment.
Through the knowledge acquired during the years of study and the experience with the daily treatment of many cases, we have developed the following methodology that guarantees a satisfactory solution adequate to your needs.
In our clinic we are using multiple devices of last generation that improve the quality, speed and the result of our treatments. Always at the forefront of investing continuously to give the best service to our patients. At the dental clinic, we strive for excellence in each of our treatments using state-of-the-art materials and high technology equipment to offer a multidisciplinary dental treatment.
All treatments in our clinic are made in high sterill enviroment.
All appliances and utensils undergo strict disinfection and sterility controls, guaranteeing our patients full safety and hygiene of their treatments. It is our commitment to offer them the maximum guarantee and safety.

  1. Evaluation
    Caries and plaque risk assessment. Evaluation of caries. Evaluation of pulp. When there is pain it is necessary to relieve pain. Evaluation of the present restorations. Evaluation of occlusion. Assessment of attrition and abrasion. Evaluation of dental integrity and fractures. Evaluation of aesthetics.
  2. Treatment
    Depending on the above analysis we will offer you the best solution suited to your needs. In addition, we also think about your economic possibilities and, therefore, we offer you treatments for comfortable financing.
  3. Smile
    This is our mission and goal, not only that you can enjoy healthy teeth but also, you can have a big smile.
    Services and Treatments
    • Dental Aesthetics Treatments
    We study your physiology and your smile to get the best results and apply the treatments that fit your needs. Dental health and aesthetics come together to offer you the best solution.
    • Endodontics
    Sometimes it is advisable to treat the internal part of the dental pieces to solve the problems. Endodontics is the procedure that is performed to preserve the tooth that would otherwise have to be extracted.
    • Dental implants
    Dental implants are very comfortable aesthetic solutions in terms of function and aesthetic. Dental Implant is, in the long term, the most durable and effective solution we have to replace missing teeth.
    • Dentures
    The lack of dental pieces or the problems that require the replacement of the same can be solved effectively thanks to the prostheses. The prostheses obtain aesthetically perfect results and recover the functionality of your pieces, making your smile look healthy and beautiful.
    • Occlusion and joint
    The upper and lower teeth may not fit perfectly (occlusion) resulting in multiple dental problems. It is an anatomically complex system that requires specialized knowledge to solve its mismatches in the most effective way.
    • Orthodontics
    Orthodontics allows your teeth to obtain a perfect fit and the best esthetics. Thanks to this treatment not only achieve esthetic results, but also better functionality of your teeth. We offer the most appropriate option to your needs, in the most discreet way.
    • Treatments for our Seniors
    Over the years, the anatomical characteristics of the dental system vary. Antiaging systems have been designed from a perspective of recovery of health and dental aesthetics.
    • Children’s Dentistry – The youngest
    Children need special attention because of the particularities of their teeth. We will make sure they enjoy smiles without worry. We have equipment adapted to make them feel comfortable, as well as a play area to make your stay more enjoyable.
    • Oral and perioral fillings with hyaluronic acid
    Thanks to the use of this totally harmless technique, immediate and lasting aesthetic results are obtained. It eliminates the defects quickly and in a very predictable way.
    • Periodontics
    A healthy, beautiful smile rests on a healthy gingiva. Problems in the gums can affect both the health and strength of dental pieces and the general aesthetics of the mouth
    • Whitening
    Thanks to the state-of-the-art bleaching systems you can get a fast and spectacular result through a simple process

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