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We provide our services in Psychology and Psychotherapy in different specialties. Authorization by the Ministry of Health, CS: 12602.
The director of the Office of Psychology Arganzuela has developed his work over more than twenty five years, knowing in depth the different clinical and psychopathological diagnoses.
Infertility counseling therapies in making processes and implementation of psychotherapy in English (Indicated for the director of cabinet, Bachelor of Science in Psychology).

• Psychotherapy is a method-specific approach in understanding the normal or pathological mental performance. In the latter context, psychotherapy is a tool that allows exploration, assessment and psychological treatment.
• It aims to improve mental health and alleviate emotional distress (anxiety, anxiety, nightmares).
• Verbal psychotherapy, or the talking cure is an effective way and already well established within the framework of psychology (second cycle studies). In any case, the psychologist will conduct an assessment which will facilitate access in each case the most pleasant treatment.
• In the areas of mental health intervention work in the following services:

  • Primary / therapeutic care. For diagnoses of depression, anxiety, addictions, social, psychotic disorders, bipolar disorder, etc.
  • Early care / Perinatal Psychology. Support life stages.
  • Care institutions / schools, associations, companies …

It comprises evaluation phases (we call interviews ) which is carried out exploration is articulated through interviews and is a necessary to know and appreciate the difficulties in resolving stage. It allows in each case the most appropriate psychological intervention.
Such intervention is adjusted to each particular case.
• Crisis intervention
• Psychotherapy: Individual and couple
• Advice or Council
• Psychological Assessment

Child psychology
We believe that therapy for children is at the same level as adults, where importance is given
to the environment in which the child, you are immediately their parents and the house where he lives unfolds.
We offer psychological care not only children,but also teenagersfrom therapeutic resources aimed at understanding and treatment of emotional or psycho problems these guys.
Therefore we look especially depressed mood, abuse drugs or alcohol, intense, fears of all kindsas to become obese or ugly, low self – esteem, difficulty sleeping, self – destructive behavior, etc.

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