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About Dr. Magdalena Arcia-Prieto
Dr. Arcia is an M.D. and Psychotherapist, specializing in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy and Cross-Cultural Issues.
Before settling in Seville, Dr. Arcia-Prieto grew up in the southern United States after moving from her native Cuba with her family. After her basic education in the State of Alabama, her Higher Education was shared between the University of Seville, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Department and major Hospitals in Miami, Florida where she worked with bilingual, English-Spanish speaking patients. She also worked as Clinical Trial Research Coordinator in the Psychopharmacology Department of the University of Miami Medical School.
For more than 20 years, Dr. Arcia-Prieto has made Seville, Spain her home where she has worked with psychiatric patients in the Mental Health Public System of Andalusia, both in-hospital settings and out-patient facilities. Currently Dr. Arcia-Prieto works in her own private practice with people of all ages from all over Spain, as well as from different cultures and European countries. She specializes in Cognitive-Behavioural Psychotherapy (CBT), and has been inspired by the “Mindfulness” discipline.
Due to her own multicultural experience, Dr. Arcia-Prieto has become an expert in Intercultural Psychology and Cross-Cultural issues, developing a great interest in how cultures influence emotions and affect people’s behavior and thinking. Magdalena places great emphasis on couple’s therapy whose members come from different cultures and where their psycho-social and cultural origins causes a great impact on their relationships.
Dr. Arcia-Prieto holds COGNITIVE BEHAVIOURAL THERAPY SESSIONS, COURSES and WORKSHOPS in the southern Spanish city of Seville, capital of Andalusia and well known for its up-lifting bright light and friendly atmosphere. Seville invites visitors to discover the hidden corners of its streets and courtyards, encouraging you to retrace the steps of history through its unique artistic styles while indulging in the scent of orange blossoms and beautiful architectural styles reflected by the many different cultures which makes up this beautiful city.

“The starting point for those wishing to teach this discipline is having trained in psychotherapy, or as professionals with experience in mental health mood disorders. It is also essential to have psychological training or cognitive behavioral therapy.” Dr. Zindel Seagal, Dr. Mark Williams, and Dr. John Teasdale.
Mindfulness is the key that opens the door to self-understanding and allows us to pay attention to what is happening at each moment, becoming aware of our internal experiences (thoughts, emotions, and body sensations), as well as our external world (environment, people, and information). Practicing Mindfulness increases awareness of the present moment, enhances observation, reducing automatic or impulsive responses, thus lowering stress and anxiety.
Mindfulness helps to cultivate kindness and compassion towards ourselves and to others.
Based on the scientific program from the University of Massachusetts, USA.
A simple and very powerful and effective method which helps us live life fuller with a more clear awareness. A methodology that calms and trains our minds for better emotional well-being, enhancing concentration, stimulates our self confidence, while gaining better general health and emotional stability. It effectively reduces our stress, anxiety and irritability experienced in our every day lives, for a happier existence.
It is based on Meditation, Conscious Movements as in Yoga, Tai-Chi or Pilates, together with Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy. The three disciplines help increase awareness of the present moment, enhance the ability of observation and care, reducing automatic or impulsive responses.
Courses and workshops are held in a beautiful XVI Century Monastery just 30 minutes outside Seville’s city center and in a countryside villa in the beautiful mountains of the Province of Huelva, just one hour from Seville.
Please request further information on dates and schedules for up coming courses and retreats held year round

Individual, Adults, Children, Adolescents, Family, and Couples.
Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is the most widely used therapy today for a very wide range of conditions. It studies and observes beliefs and behaviors that are maladaptive or unhelpful in a person. Clients are encouraged to self-monitor and develop introspection; to look at what they really think and how they react to themselves, other people and the world in general. Relaxation techniques may also be taught.
CBT is cost effective, adaptable and it works. It has been shown to clearly change distorted thinking in clients as well as change maladaptive behavior. CBT focuses on cognition and changing biases and distortions into more realistic and positive beliefs. It targets irrational thoughts that often lead to depression. It is particularly effective with people suffering from anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder and panic attacks.

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