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About Us
We are your trusted beauty center. We make you feel good on the inside so you look great on the outside. At Loveliness Aesthetic Clinic we have the latest equipment and we work with all body aesthetic treatments indicated for the elimination of fat, loss of volume and toning of the skin. Say goodbye to the hated orange peel. With our treatments you will notice the results from the first session.
We combine treatments based on the needs and skin of each client. We complement these treatments with manual massage techniques to achieve a greater effect on the skin. All our treatments are 100% personalized so that you can achieve the result you want.
Pressotherapy, hyaluronic acid, facial rejuvenation … At Loveliness Aesthetic Clinic we advise you and find the perfect treatment for you.
In addition to facial and body treatments, we also work manicures and pedicures, facial cleansing and waxing. If you are looking to give your body a treat, you are also in the right place because we perform relaxing and decontracting massages.
What can we do for your well-being? At Loveliness Aesthetic Clinic we have everything your body and skin needs to look smooth and radiant.

Aesthetic Medicine
Hyaluronic Treatments
Botox Treatments
Rhinomodelation with hyaluron
Rhinomodelation is an aesthetic treatment that uses high-density hyaluronic acid in very specific points in the nose, to modify its shape and without the need to go to the operating room.
With rhinomodeling, also known as Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty, very little time is needed to change the shape of the nose and the patient is spared postoperative discomfort. Although the results of the Rinomodelación are not permanent, yes they are lasting in time.
The treatment lasts approximately 30 minutes and local anesthesia is used.
Facial Mesotherapy
Treatment that is applied by use of very superficial microinjections for the prevention of facial aging, to improve wrinkles and flaccidity, and to achieve revitalization of the facial skin.
Treatments for hands
PLEXR system is a treatment that, through a plasma laser, is especially indicated for eyelids, thus allowing us to treat excess skin and periocular wrinkles.
Aqualix Treatments for Body
Its main function is the elimination of localized fat, destroying adipocytes and all this without the need to go through the operating room. Without a doubt, Aqualix is the fat eater par excellence. Aqualix will also destroy the fat accumulated in the flanks, love handles and abdomen permanently, since the elimination of adipocytes is done permanently. It is applicable to both women and men.
Full Face Treatments
Veins Treatments
The treatment of varicose veins with foam consists of the intravenous injection of a sclerosing agent in the form of a foam that produces an inflammation of the inner wall of the vein, causing it to collapse and disappear. We use foam instead of liquid since, although the sclerosing agent is the same, we can treat much more varicose veins in each session, the foam better displaces the blood and its being greater effectiveness.

Non Surgical Lifting
Face Peeling

HIFU Treatments
The latest acquisition in Loveliness, which brings to Lanzarote the most developed and advanced HIFU equipment on the market, with a new, more advanced technology.
In the medium term, HIFU stimulates fibroblasts (responsible for producing collagen in cells), thus working on all levels of the skin: epidermis, deep dermis and SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System), the latter being of vital importance. in facial architecture.
Facial HIFU,helps to rejuvenate the face, sagging and the age signs.
Body HIFU eliminates localized fat, reshapes the body and eliminates cellulite.

Advanced technique for the elimination of localized fat that destroys adipose tissue without the need for surgery. The cryolipolysis technique, which offers the same results as liposuction, is based on a decrease in the temperature of the localized fat below 0ºC for approximately 1 hour. In this way, localized fat cells, called adipocytes, are destroyed.

Radio Frequency
Technology delivers heat creating a stronger and more precisely distributed thermal response to all layers of the skin. The result is a minimized appearance of lumpy skin, tissue stretching, fat shrinkage, improved skin texture.
At Loveliness Cosmetic we work with Biotec Italia’s multifunctional medical platform called Fusiomed Ice, which produces progressive and consistent results, without side effects.
Tightens and improves skin texture / Compacts the subcutaneous tissue, reducing its volume / Promotes lymphatic drainage, reducing cellulite
Results after each session and progressive in 8 months

Ultra-concentrated active ingredients designed to combat alterations in the silhouette, acting on the 6 strategic areas of the body: Legs, abdomen and flanks, buttocks, arms, double chin and breasts.

Aesthetic treatment that aims to perform lymphatic drainage and thus help to deal with cellulite.

Laser Treatments
Cellulite Treatments

Hyaluronic Acid Treatments – 450 EUR per vial
Botox – 200 EUR per zone
PRP Capilar – 180 EUR
PRP Facial – 350 EUR
Non Surgical Rhinomodelation – from 450 EUR
Plexer – from 450 EUR
Aqualix – from 600 EUR
Veins Treatments – 180 EUR per session
Facial Mesotherapy – 60 EUR sessio
Facial Treatments
Peeling – from 60 EUR
Radiofrequency – 55 EUR
HIFU Facial – from 249 EUR
Facial Hygiene – 49 EUR
Dermapen – 49 EUR

Body Treatments
Cryolipolysis – 59 EUR session
Radiofrequency – 50 EUR
Celulite Treatments – from 220 EUR
Mesoesthetic – 55 EUR session

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