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Hair Transplant Athens Greece Medical Group’s clinics have stood the test of time and keep thriving with 35 years of experience. They are constantly evolving and empowering their position driven by the vision they began with, the mission and the values, which have grant them an international reputation. To date, within 35 years of experience, more than 160 doctors and nurses have been trained and certified in hair restoration treatments and procedures. With the extensive research, proper diagnosis, structured training, and effective treatment, Seneca Medical Group holds the first place in innovations in the hair restoration field and is constantly developing new techniques and tools for the treatment of hair loss.

Seneca Medical Group
Specializes in the research, diagnosis and treatment of hair loss with 35 years of experience in Greece and Europe.
It is the No. 1 hair transplant corporation in Europe due to its elite hair restoration services and innovation techniques.
Seneca Medical Group has been awarded the International Business Excellence Award 2018, the Best Hair Clinic Award 2018, the ’International Hair Clinic of the year’’at the IMTJ 2018, the 2018-2019-2020-2021 Patient Service Award, the Hair loss Clinic of the Year 2018 at the Scottish Beauty Industry Awards, the Business Excellence Award from Bizz Awards 2018, the European Business Award in 2019 and the Eagles of Health Award 2021.

Hair Transplant Treatment Athens Greece

Seneca Medical Group has invested in Innovative Methods for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Hair Loss aiming at the ultimate solution of hair restoration in men and also women.

The ultimate level of personalised process with a superior comparison image quality
At Seneca Medical Group, we use the ultimate compact photo studio for a unique and personalised approach. A high edge photobooth with a custom background, circular LED lamp to regulate the lighting environment and distance indicators, so each shot captures the exact same image, distance and position, of the patient.

Leading Edge non invasive hair consultation Athens

The real-time analysis allows us to instantly analyse the key areas of hair loss. Additionally, we can evaluate and review the progress of previous hair treatments, using this advanced software with great accuracy.

Number of hairs per cm2
Average number of hairs per hair follicle unit
Sum of hair width per cm2
Follicle count per cm2
Average Inter-follicular distance


The certified consultant collects the patient’s medical history and in collaboration with the Medical Team they determine whether the patient is a suitable candidate to proceed with hair transplant treatment.

Using the most innovative systems and advanced tools an in-depth examination of the patient’s scalp is performed. Calculation of the quality and density of both donor and affected area with the use of the latest devices is also carried out by the consultant.

Proper Diagnosis
67% of men and women with hairloss were treated without a proper diagnosis. However, at SENECA, a proper diagnosis is the key factor for the effective treatment of hair loss. Therefore, after many years of research, we have created and developed the TOTAL CARE system.

In the final stage of diagnosis, the Medical Supervisor along with the certified consultant design and present a customised treatment plan.


Direct FUE Hair Transplant Athens Greece
At SENECA we have developed the Direct FUE, a revolutionary system that is the evolution of the “traditional” FUE.

With the traditional FUE technique, hair follicles are implanted by creating holes in the recipient area and placed with forceps, allowing little control over handling, thus leading to an unnatural result.

With the Direct FUE each follicle is placed directly in the affected area with the Implanter, a specially designed tool with which our doctors have a full control of the depth, direction, and angle of each graft.

The Direct system doesn’t require incisions before placement and it has a much higher percentage of growth with no visible marks delivering always 100% natural results.

Direct FUE’s strict protocols and smaller in diameter instruments, respect the scalp and hair follicles every time and offer a dense and 100% natural result with safety always.


SENECA Direct FUE hair transplant system uses healthy hair follicles, which are implanted one by one directly into the thinning area. We only choose and transplant healthy hair follicles from the donor area of the head or other parts of the body, which grow for a lifetime. The entire procedure is only by doctors with the training and certificate by Seneca Training & Research Centre, and under strict Seneca Quality Standardization Protocols, to ensure great results every time.

With a special tool, the Implanter, we can control completely the direction, depth, and angle of placement of each hair follicle. After that, the hair follicles follow their normal course of life and grow naturally.

The transplanted hairs continue to grow for a lifetime and do not fall out, resulting in an absolutely natural result.


The doctor thoroughly designs the area of implantation based on our protocols, the needs of the patient and the defined symmetry. Doctor extract hair follicles one by one from the donor area using a specifically designed disposable tool, with a diameter of 1mm or less.

We keeptThe follicles at a specific temperature and in Hypothermosol® solution that enhances their development without separating, cutting or generally handling the grafts.

Doctor implant Hair follicles directly into the suffering area. Using the Implanter, also with a diameter of 1mm or less, without having to create holes or slits. With the Implanter, doctors can control the depth, the direction and the angle of placement.


Seneca’s Hair Transplant technique ensures a successful implantation of hair follicles to any part of your body and face.

We pick hair follicles one by one to match your beard. Thanks to the Implanter, there is full control over the depth and also the direction of the implanted hair. Creating an aesthetic and also natural looking beard.


With Direct FUE Hair Transplant, SENECA’s eyebrow restoration method, it is now possible to transplant hair to any part of the body and also the face.

In our hair transplant clinic in Athens we pick hair follicles one by one to match your eyebrows. Before treatment consultation are provided. Thanks to the implanter, there is full control of the depth and also the direction of the implanted hair. Creating an aesthetic and also natural looking result.


At SENECA we use a new non surgical hair loss treatment for hair restoration, called Autologous Hair Mesotherapy. We inject Plasma into the area suffering from hair loss to stimulate hair growth and slow down further hair loss.


Doctor takes a small amount of blood (less than 10 ml) from the patient

We isolate the plasma following the centrifugation of blood.

Specialist inject the activated plasma into the area which is suffering from hair loss in order to stimulate hair growth


Treatment package
At Seneca, the all inclusive hair transplant packages start from as low as 1.500€ and include:

Throughout your stay, to and also from the airport, hotel and clinic.

In a 4-star hotel near the clinic.

In-depth examination of the patient’s requirements, as well as measurement of the density of the donor and recipient areas.

100% natural result that will last for a lifetime. PRP application that stimulates hair growth and delays further thinning


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