Hair Transplant Clinic Madrid

Innovacion Capilar is one of the best hair restoration clinics in Spain with more than 30 years of experience.
We are located in Madrid (Spain), 10 minutes by tube from the airport, near Real Madrid stadium and in the most important financial and shopping area.
Innovacion Capilar ensures patients to receive the highest quality with cost effective medical care through providing the most progressive and innovative healthcare services to promote dignity, holding compassion and respect for patients and their families as the absolute standard.
Our hair clinic is staffed by a most competent team of specialist hair transplant surgeons and technicians. We have more than 1.000 hair transplants per year from patients from different countries.
The hair transplant is a minor surgery procedure, with follicular transplantation from the posterior area of the scalp. We exclusively use the F.U.E technique (Follicular Unit Extract), considered the most advanced and with total guarantee of results. The patient will not feel pain, the recovery is very fast and will have a totally positive experience.
FUE (Follicular Unit Extract)
FUE (Follicular Unit Extract) consists of extracting in an individual way the follicles of the donor area without the need of stitches and without leaving scars. These follicular units of 1, 2, 3 or 4 hairs are extracted accompanied by perifollicular structures (capillary vessels, sebaceous gland, erector pili muscle,…).
The hair with its bulbs are carefully selected from the donor by our medical team, thus avoiding any risk of rejection, and ensuring continuous growth in the areas where they are implanted. These hairs are genetically predisposed not to fall.
It is a painless technique, there are no scars and it is the most advanced that exists, with immediate recovery.
By using the same patient’s hair, it eliminates the possibility of rejection and offers a natural look.
The hair transplant is also used to restore eyebrows, beard, body hair and fill scars on the scalp resulting from accidents, burns or surgeries.
Surgery timing
Average 6 hours, depend on the number of follicular units implanted.
During this time, patients are facilitated in a comfortable and relaxed environment.
After Care
After your procedure, we’ll provide you with everything you need to take care of your grafts in the first few weeks, including instructions for washing your hair and any medication required to manage any initial discomfort. We see our patients as lifelong beneficiaries of our hair care service. You’ll be able to stay in contact with us for ongoing support by phone, Skype, Whatsapp, email.
As a leading practice in the field of hair restoration and FUE hair transplant, Innovacion Capilar is the best choice for your hair restoration needs.
The hair transplant is a definitive hair treatment when it comes to recovering lost hair and improving personal image, as well as your self-esteem and quality of life.
3 days stay in Madrid
-Day 1
.Pick up at the airport
.Check in hote
.Consultation and evaluation at the clinic. Preop and introduction of the team.
-Day 2
.Transfer to the hotel
PRICES ( Estimated price. For a final price consultation is necessary ).
Hair transplant: from 3,500 €
-Hair graft
-Follow up (can be done by video conference)
Personalized hair treatments (PRP, vitamins, minerals and master formulas,..): from 300 €

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