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Our patients deserve the best!
As the first specialist clinic for maxillofacial surgery and dentistry in Vojvodina (Serbia), Medikdent NS characterized by professionalism, high standards, modern equipment and are constantly monitoring world trends and developments in the field of head and neck surgery and in the field of dentistry.
Do you have doubts, have you heard or read some information that you did not know before, but they make you anxious because of your lifestyle or habits? No need to worry! In the pleasant environment of the MEDIKDENT NS office, our team of doctors will listen to you and provide the advice you need, and if necessary, they will start an adequate treatment. Treatments are completely painless in the presence of anesthetists. The interventions are possible with applying of nitrogen oxide. The convenience is that the patient has no fear, no pain, remembers the intervention and the procedure itself takes very quickly from the position of the patient even though it takes sometimes 3-4 hours.

We offer diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in the areas of:

    1.1. Prosthetics
    Modern materials in prosthetics today offer wide range of possibilities for rehabilitation, which is why we are happy to apply them in the treatment of missing teeth.

1.2. Oral surgery with implantology
Implantology presents a small revolution in the area of dentistry because an implant is the best replacement for a natural tooth. Using the world’s best systems (Noble Biocare) with the addition of artificial bones, we are able to reconstruct the lack of tooth tissue completely, and thus provide a perfect smile for our patients. After such therapy, the patients are completely rehabilitated both esthetically and functionally, and they can be considered to have new teeth instead the ones they have lost. Our team of dentists successfully performs procedures in the area of oral surgery within the oral cavity (treatment of wisdom teeth that have not erupted, removal of teeth roots, treatment of jaw cysts etc.). A great number of satisfied patients is our best reference.

1.3. Laser teeth whitening
Application of modern technologies enables teeth whitening even up to a couple of shades, depending on the state of the patients’ teeth, and according to their desires, and obeying the principles of not doing harm to the body. In teeth whitening, we apply the ZOOM system, a method which was proven to be the most effective, and which has been applied in the US in recent years (used by over 52% of the USA market). With the ZOOM technology, where photonic gel is applied, the results are 44% better than by applying whitening gel only. The sensitivity of the teeth to hot and cold, which can be problematic with other ways of teeth whitening, is also eliminated. Thus, optimal results are achieved by means of a fast, simple and safe method, with medical supervision. The ZOOM whitening technology is registered within the Medicines and Medical Devices Agency of Serbia.

1.4. Parodontology and orthodontics
Periodontitis is the most common disease in the 21st century that causes the loss of teeth, even the healthy ones. With a professional approach and the application of modern materials (such as artificial bones), it is possible to make up for the loss that was caused by periodontitis, and revive a healthy and beautiful smile. Our satisfied patients are the best proof of successful treatment. In the area of orthodontics, we treat irregular bite and deformity in the area of face and jaws. This produces an esthetic effect (which is well noticed by our patients) together with correcting the function of chewing, which provides healthier teeth and a beautiful smile in the long run.

1.5. Cosmetic dentistry
At times, taking all possible precautions cannot help with injuries in the area of head and neck. Very often children experience teeth fractures caused by a fall. We are able to reconstruct tooth tissue by applying modern methods and materials.

    Within the area of maxillofacial surgery, we provide specialist examination and consultations with a surgeon. A maxillofacial surgeon is a doctor who diagnoses and treats pathological states in the area of head and neck:
    • Infections originating from teeth, sinuses and neck
    • Esthetic procedures for correction of inborn and gained deformities in the area of head and neck
    • Salivary glands diseases
    • Injuries of soft and bone tissue in the area of head and neck, jaw fractures
    • Head and neck tumors
    • Surgical treatment of irregular bite, establishing good connection between jaws and teeth

2.1. Removal of moles, atheromas and other changes in the area of head and neck, lymph node biopsy (with histopathological analysis)
You are probably constantly “bombed” by the information such as the risks of melanoma, or exposure to the sun, or that moles can develop into cancer, etc. You can maybe notice some changes on your face and neck you have not had before, or the existing ones might have changed their appearance, colour and size. On the other hand, you like to sunbathe and everybody likes your tan. You are concerned about the bad consequences of the exposure to the sun or spending time in a sunbed. All your concerns can be tackled easily by consulting a surgeon in an office where, if necessary, the problematic changes can be removed with microscopic verification. We perform the biopsy of neck lymph nodes, and together with histopathological analysis provide a safe and efficient diagnosis for our patients.

2.2. Wrinkle correction, lip augmentation, mesotherapy of the face, neck, and cleavage, removal of changes caused by aging, scar correction, face implants
Skin is the largest organ in the human body (covering the area of around 1.8 square metres). As it ages and changes over the years, it is necessary to dedicate attention to its care and protection (e.g. treating the consequences of suntan and injuries). There are a large number of skin changes, some of which can be very dangerous and, unfortunately, becoming more frequent. If you are worried about them, you can come and consult a surgeon who will provide the necessary information and advice. All the changes that are removed are sent to histopathological analysis (the office collaborates with a doctor, an experienced pathologist, a professor at the Medical Faculty at the University of Novi Sad). We also perform wrinkle filling and lip augmentation by using hyaluronic acid (a natural substance which reduces in time and which is responsible for skin volume and elasticity). The results are efficient and provide a natural look, making your skin shine. Mesotherapy of the face, neck, and cleavage is performed with vitamin cocktails (which, apart from vitamins, contain also amino acids and hyaluron). They feed and revive your skin and protect it from antioxidant stress. Scars in the area of head and neck can be conspicuous and cause esthetic problems, but very often they can also cause functional problems. Their correction produces a better esthetic and functional result, which consequently increases your confidence.

2.3. Ultrasound (salivary glands, lymph nodes and the thyroid)
All lumps and masses in the area of head and neck can be diagnosed safely and quickly during an ultrasound examination and consultations with a surgeon. If the need arises, a biopsy can be performed using the method of Fine-needle aspiration biopsy (where a very thin hollow needle is injected with an ultrasound machine into the very center of the tissue from which a sample is taken; all this is painless, with only a minor feeling of stinging). The result is reliable and received in short notice, which reduces the stress caused by expectation and thinking about the possible kinds of illness that might be in question. Our loyal patients, families and organizations are given a discount!

2.4. Angiography
Do you know how to prevent heart attack or stroke in a simple way? Have you heard of angiography? Around 50% of people in Serbia die from cardiovascular diseases. You are probably familiar with the risk factors such as obesity, high cholesterol, smoking, diabetes, but people are rarely familiar with the risk of developing atherosclerosis and potential complications (heart attack, stroke or kidney diseases). The advancements in science have enabled us for the first time to offer a computer examination with an angiograph. In only one examination which lasts no more than 15 minutes, you will be able to get a complete image on the condition of your blood vessels, together with a risk estimation. A computer examination with an angiograph is a completely safe, reliable and affordable diagnostic method. Do not let a disease which can be stopped and cured successfully be fatal. It’s quick and simple! Do an examination today and peacefully wait for tomorrow.

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