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About Us
CosDent has dedicated for more than 30 years to achieve one´s perfect smile according to his needs and characteristics.
In Cosdent we execute the best treatment that will beautify your smile avoiding invasive procedures. We are distinguish for having an onsite Lab in which our doctor creates with dedication and precision the porcelain and zirconium pieces in order to provide a perfect and unique smile to each of our patients with the best quality and excellence.
Our clinic was designed to serve you in a pleasant and satisfying environment for you to feel comfortable all the time. Located in Paseo Colón (San José, Costa Rica), CosDent is very close to the best hotels on the área and just at 20 minute drive from the International airport Juan Santamaría.
Dental Implants
Dental implants have become an important part of modern dentistry, with millions of people already benefiting from the use of implants.
Implants can provide you with outstanding aesthetic, functional, and long term results in the right situations.
Whether your looking to replace a missing tooth, a few or all your missing teeth, or sick and tired of loose dentures, implants may be for you.
If you are missing one, a few or all your teeth, or even if you have loose dentures, our clinic is providing the solutions.
Aesthetic Dentistry (Porcelain Veneers / Zirconium Crowns / Teeth Whitening)
During 30 years we have obtained success with our patients, accomplishing and exceeding their expectations. During these years we have solved hundreds of cases, and every day we keep moving forward with the best personnel and technology, making us the best option for your smile.
To accomplish our objectives we use a combination of procedures between Zirconia and Dental Porcelain.
CosDent has been ranked and maintained as Costa Rica´s best clinic in porcelain cosmetic dentistry
General Dentistry

  • Fillings
  • Endodontics ( Root Canal )
  • Hygiene Treatments
    Tomography / X Ray
    As a part of Dr. Roberto Sauma´s mission to keep CosDent, Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic, up to date with the newest technologies and providing more practical and expedite services to our patients we are proud to have our very own X-Ray Computed Tomography CT Scan machine.
    Since Dr. Sauma makes sure to follow the right protocols and standards worldwide we always make sure that an implant is a good option for the patient requesting it, and the only way to confirm this is with a CT Scan of the patient´s jaws.
    It consists in taking a 3D x ray of the desired sections by taking images from different angles to produce cross-sectional images, kind of like a virtual slices of your mouth bones. This will be the essential tool for placement your implants, making it more predictable and safe.
    CBCT 3D
    In CosDent, Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic, we offer our patients the latest state-of-the-science technology three-dimensional high-resolution images: the CS 8100 3D. This device is a type of scanner that uses safe, low-radiation x-rays to help your dentist see every part of your teeth and jaws from any angle with an amazing level of accuracy and detail.
    Dental Cone CT
    Dental cone beam computed tomography (CT) is a special type of x-ray machine used in situations where regular dental or facial x-rays are not sufficient.
    This type of CT scanner uses a special type of technology to generate three dimensional (3-D) images of dental structures, soft tissues, nerve paths and bone. Images obtained with cone beam CT allow for more precise treatment planning.
    Dental Lab
    Cosmetic Dental Clinic CosDent, has its own dental laboratory with experienced dental technicians, Cosmetic Dental Clinic, CosDent have a full service dental laboratory.
    Under strict quality control, we have a lot of experience, with us you get more than just esthetic crowns and dentures.
    We offer 30 years of experience & expertise, excellent service, and quick turnaround times.
    In order to have the highest quality control possible, we have an in house laboratory where we elaborate our restorations using the latest technological advances available
    We also obtain the highest esthetics for your complete satisfaction, using the latest developments in Porcelain Veneers and Zirconium crowns.

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