Las Palmas Dental Clinic

About Us
Our clinic is located in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and it’s providing full range of dental treatments to domestic and international clients.
Implantology, endodontics, fixed prostheses and removable prostheses, aesthetic and restorative dentistry, pediatric dentistry, orthodontics.
Our clinic is a modern 21st. century clinic with the latest technologies and the best materials on the market.
Brands such as Kavo (chair) Durr (equipment of rx and diagnosis by videocamera with high resolution.), Nsk (endodontic), Sybron Endo (locator of apices for endodontics .Lg (high resolution screens.) Asus (computer equipment), Dental Hi Tec (painless digital electronic anesthesia equipment) are the best in the market, to serve patients for many years with the highest guarantees.
Our center aims to offer the best analysis of your mouth. It is our desire that your first contact with our clinic is not expensive. In case you want to know the price of any treatment you need, you will be given a free quote without obligation


  • General dentistry
  • Restorative dentistry
    In our clinic we use Ceram X Duo composite, from the renowned Swiss commercial house Densply, which allows us to carry out aesthetic restorations of high quality. As well use of the Tetric EvoCeram composite of the Swiss brand Ivoclair Vivadent for restorations of posterior teeth. Guaranteeing in both cases the best aesthetic and functional results.
  • Fixed and removable dental prosthesis.
    Dr. Fernandez Miranda, thanks to his five years experience from several dental laboratories in Madrid knows the importance of good communication between the dental laboratory and the dentist to always get the best aesthetic and functional results, making use of the best techniques both when making the molds and models of the patient’s mouth, and when choosing the correct color and that most resembles the color of the patient’s own teeth when they have them, as well when they do not have them, we use the physiognomic characteristics of the patient to achieve the most natural result possible.
  • Oral Surgery

Extraction/ Sinus Lift / Bone Graft
We are experts in the extraction of teeth WITHOUT PAIN, in a quick and comfortable way. As well as the extraction of wisdom teeth of all kinds of difficulty.
With the help of a specialist in surgery we can deal with most complex cases, as well as for the realization of the maxillary sinus lift technique, when due to bone resorption it is not possible to place implants in the maxilla
We also have different options when it comes to bone regeneration.

  • Implants with prostheses in the same day.
    The procedures are made with the most advanced techniques and our specialist offers the maximum guarantees of the results.
    Have you been told that you can not put implants ?, Have you given a budget that you can not cope with ?
    Come and see us and we will find the solution to your problem. We work with biphasic or monophasic implants depending on the characteristics of the patient as well as the type of prosthetic restoration that will be performed.
    We work with Swiss brands Roott and Quantum.
    Quantum is used in case of little bone and that allow us to avoid the sinus lift surgery in the maxilla.
  • Orthodontics
    Our specialist in orthodontics is the expert in the use of Damon technique or self-ligating brackets that allow to shorten the treatment time in addition to being more comfortable for the patient.
  • Endodontics
    We have a specialist with extensive experience in performing the most modern rotary endodontic technique, making use of the well-known Protaper endodontic files from the famous Swiss commercial house Densply Maillefer. The fastest, most efficient and comfortable way for the patient to fix a tooth that has suffered an infection in the nerve due to the extension of the caries by it. Normally it ends in a session, unless the infection has spread through the bone in which case a medication will be placed in the nerve, and it will be finished a week later to guarantee the disinfection of it.
  • Periodontics
    We provide deep cleansing technique through the use of ultrasound to make the best possible treatment.
  • Pediatric Dentistry
  • Dental hygiene and Whitening

For dental hygiene we have the latest ultrasound technology from the German brand KAVO, together with the new system and the products of the prestigious Swiss brand EMS
The growing interest in dental aesthetics, has boosted the treatment of teeth whitening through the use of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide from the prestigious commercial house SDI in different concentrations, which allow the personalization of the treatment for each patient
Whitening can be done in one or several sessions depending on the porosity of the patient’s enamel.

Aesthetic Composite Filling 40-60 EUR
Full Denture 540 EUR
Metal-porcelain crown 350 EUR
Zirconium crown 450 EUR
Sinus Lift 500 EUR
Bone Graft from 150 EUR
Implant with the crown ( same day ) 1300 EUR
Endodontics 120 – 160 EUR
Post Reconstruction 80 EUR
Deep Cleaning ( scaling ) 50 EUR ( per quadrant ) / 200 EUR full mouth treatment
Hygiene 50 – 100 EUR
Whitening 350 EUR

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