Limassol Fertility Clinic – IVF Limassol

Infertility can be very frustrating. The greatest achievements of our Fertility Center in Limassol are the thousands of babies born since 2016. We also highlight the case of a 53-year old lady with twins, thanks to our team of experts.

Our Limassol fertility center offers the best treatments and care. By coming to our center, you will have access to the best service and the most modern treatments.

Our clinic in Limassol, Cyprus is a place where the privacy of each patient is respected. Our mission is to make your dreams come true even when others tell you that something is difficult to achieve.

Our medical team provides top IVF treatments in the most transparent way possible.
In our clinic, you will always know what to expect.
In our clinic, our team will do everything to make you feel at home in moments that are not easy for many patients.
Our medical team will provide you with all the necessary information and create a treatment plan that fits your needs and schedule.
A team of coordinators who speak your language are available for patients coming from abroad.

Our Limassol fertility center provides personalized treatments and detailed information to each patient during each step of the treatment.
Our IVF treatments are a combination of experienced staff, a high percentage of success and an excellent relationship based on trust between doctor and patient.
We work step by step with each patient and listen to our patients before any treatment.
The reputation of our fertility clinic in Limassol, Cyprus was built on top results and a personalized approach to each of our patients.
We have a lot of experience in working with patients to whom we are not the first center they have turned to, and we understand that the infertility problem is often exhausting for the patient.
It is for this reason that we approach with empathy and individually.
We encourage patients to actively participate in the creation of the treatment plan so that the result is as best as possible.

Fertility Center Limassol has superior live birth rates recorded per transfer.
We are very proud of the number of our patients whom we have helped to achieve pregnancy, even in patients of older age. Through IVF, as surrogates, or through sperm and egg donation.

The location of our fertility clinic in Cyprus was carefully chosen so that the embryos would be in the best environment. We are located outside the city, uphill.
The embryos are in an environment of clean air, far from pollution and gases. This mimics the natural environment of the uterus and promotes better development.
World class IVF laboratory goes beyond the standard and provides top service.

Fertility Treatments Limassol

Each patient is an individual for himself and that is how we approach each patient.
Some patients have been struggling with infertility for years, while some patients are completely new and don’t know what to expect.
We offer a wide range of treatments

Our fertility Services

Infertility diagnosis and testing / male and female
IVF | In Vitro Fertilization
FET | Frozen Embryo Transfer
Assisted Hatching
Mini IVF
Natural IVF
IUI | Intrauterine Insemination
Egg Donation
Sperm Donation
Embryo Donation
Fertility Preservation: Egg / Embryo / Ovarian tissue /
Male infertility Investigation
Semen Analysis
Sperm freezing / testicular Biopsy freezing /
Sperm DNA Fragmentation Testing
Embryo Adoption
Genetic Screening
Oncofertility / Ovarian and Testicular Tissue Freezing
Duplicate cycle

The IVF specialists at our Limassol fertility center will carefully review the medical history and all tests.
Consultations between you and the doctor can be in person at our Limassol clinic or on line if that’s easier for you.
After that, we will give you a complete analysis of your case.

Advanced Treatments

Endometrial Receptivity Analisis / ERA
Transfer Medium / EmbryoGlue
Microchip Sperm Selection
PRP Ovarian and Endometrial Rejuvenation
Endometrial Application
Clomid and FSH IUI
Assisted Hatching
Ovarian Rejuvenation
Genetic Testing
Surgical Sperm Retrieval

Egg Donor Program Limassol

If you decide to become an egg donor in our fertility center in Limassol, Cyprus, you will be guided through the entire process by top medical experts.
Our Egg Donor program has helped couples around the world achieve their dreams.