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Marmaris Dental Clinic Turkey is Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic. Clinic is open in 1997 by Dentist Zekeriya İlkhan in Marmaris. In all branches of dentistry, it continues to provide services with its staff consisting of specialist physicians.


Implants Marmaris Dental Clinic Turkey

Implant is an artificial titanium tooth root. Prosthesis is of various materials on the jaw bone in order to reinstate the chewing function and aesthetics in tooth deficiencies. In case of single tooth or multiple tooth deficiencies, implant is solution for everyone if there is bone suitable for implant placement. It can be solution for elderly patients whose health status is suitable, but not to patients with incomplete bone development.

Only the area where the implant is receive local anesthesia. Patient does not feel anything and the implant is in the bone within 10 minutes. The drugs after the procedure and after care rules are part of the procedure. After the procedure patient can go home with no any problems. After 3, 4 or 6 months, the patient should visit the clinic for the final prosthesis. We make final Implant prosthesis within 1 or 2 weeks.

The implant is particularly good for single tooth deficiencies, both because of the presence of bone and as a more protective treatment than bridge. It allows the patient to use fixed denture instead of removable denture in case of multiple tooth deficiencies or complete toothlessness.

If the bone in the area is insufficient, we can make bone graft before implant procedure.

All On 4 Implants Marmaris

It is an implant technique in cases of complete toothlessness. It is for the patients who do not want to use a removable prosthesis and do not have the bone that ensure to make a standard fixed prosthesis. 4 implants go in the jaw bone at certain angles. Temporary fixed prosthesis is provided on the same day. This is the first stage of the treatment. After 3 months, permanent fixed prosthesis. We make treatment with local anesthesia like standard implant procedure. Patient does not feel any pain during the procedure. Although it is a newer treatment compared to other implant procedures, it has been found to have a high success rate in long term follow up scientific studies.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Temporomandibular Joint Disorders

Gum Treatments

Tooth Bleaching


Children Dentist

Orthodontic Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Aesthetic Filling


Porcelain Veneers Marmaris

It is a fixed prosthesis type made of porcelain material. Veneers are used for aesthetic purposes in anterior teeth. In case of broken or worn teeth, slight skews, discolorations and surface disorders. It is very thin and transparent. It gives very good aesthetic results.

Porcelain veneers are prepared in the laboratory and placed to the teeth by the physician.

Since it is made of porcelain material, it is not colored even after many years. It is resistant to abrasion. It does not fall from the tooth surface. As with any fixed, porcelain based prosthesis, regular checks should be taken into consideration and it should be noted that the life span is between 5 – 10 years. In Marmaris Dental Clinic Turkey we have the best price.

Dentist Prices Marmaris Turkey

Composite Filling / from 40 EUR /
Extraction Simple / 40 EUR /
Extraction / surgical / impacted / 120 EUR /
Porcelain inlay / onlay / 85 EUR /
Teeth Whitening / 170 EUR /
Regular teeth cleaning / 45 EUR /
Deep cleaning scalling / per quadrant / 60 EUR /

Crowns / Veneers
Porcelain crown / 250 EUR /
Porcelain veneer / 100 EUR /
Zirconia crown / 190 EUR /
Temporary crown / 10 EUR /

Full Denture / from 490 EUR /
Partial Denture / from 690 EUR /

Dental Implant / from 600 EUR /
Sinus lifting / 500 EUR /
“All on Four” System / from 4.800 EUR /
“All on Six” System / from 6.700 EUR /
Bone graft / large / 280 EUR /
Bone graft / small / 130 EUR /

Root Canal Treatment / from 70 EUR /


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