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Orthodontist Torrevieja more than 20 years taking care of smiles.
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Invisible Orthodontics
We work with the best invisible orthodontic techniques Invisalign gives us the accuracy and also transparency that invisible orthodontics requires

What is Invisible Orthodontics?
It is an invisible system for straightening teeth. It works by means of comfortable invisible splints / aligners / made to measure of your teeth that no one will see.

You can remove aligners for eating, brushing teeth, and also flossing. They are very resistant thermoplastic material for medical use. Invisalign is a world leading American brand in invisible orthodontics. With fully transparent splints / covers / the position of the teeth can be correct again.

Invisalign invisible orthodontics consists of performing orthodontic treatments without braces. Used instead transparent covers that provide the patient with greater aesthetics during the treatment.

Invisalign advantages
Its reliability, efficiency, comfort, easy cleaning and aesthetics make Invisalign an excellent choice over traditional orthodontics.

Best Orthodontist Torrevieja

This is how we take care of your mouth
We examine your dental health in the first consultation with a friendly and close treatment. We issue an easy to understand diagnosis and also plan the treatment according to your availability and budget.
The Invisalign technique consists of a series of transparent covers that patient need to change during the months that the treatment lasts.

With this technique the first thing we will do is digitize the dental arcades using 3D technology / an intraoral scanner without radiation / obtaining a three dimensional image of your teeth. Once your mouth is digitized, we can move the teeth virtually until we get a correct occlusion.

The Invisalign system creates a virtual sequence of the entire treatment plan based on the orthodontist’s prescription. Therefore, knowing how the patient has the mouth at the beginning and how we want to finish, a series of intermediate plates are built that must be changed approximately every 7 – 10 days and that will help us achieve the desired functional and aesthetic objectives

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