Plastic Surgery Cali Recio

Dr. Carlos Augusto Recio
Dr. Carlos Augusto Recio, is a graduate of the University of Caldas as a SURGEON DOCTOR in 1983. Later he made his rural year as a medical director of the Center for Popular Integration Tuluá, Surgical Practice – Tomas Uribe Tuluá Hospital in the years 1985 – 1986.
He completed his internship at the University Hospital of Caldas, Manizales. Salamina Regional Hospital, Caldas. In 1988 he moved to Madrid, Spain where he made his SPECIALIZATION at the Complutense University of Madrid – General Gregorio Marañón Hospital ending in 1993, obtaining the degree in PLASTIC, AESTHETIC, REPAIR, MAXILOFACIAL AND HAND SURGERY.
Finally, based in the City of Cali since 1992 from where he exercises his specialization and continues training to offer his patients new techniques with the latest technology in medicine and aesthetics.
It is an arduous task to make the decision to travel outside your city or country of origin to perform a plastic surgery. The reasons that can influence your decision to perform a procedure are many and diverse, however together with my entire team we will help you in whatever you need and you will feel at home. In addition to my extensive experience and excellent results obtained with my patients, my vocation of service is reflected in my practice as a plastic surgeon with my patients, always having a listening attitude towards them to understand their expectations and develop a surgical plan that suits to his needs.

  • Plastic Surgery
    Ritidoplasty Face Lift
    Bichectomy – Cheek Surgery
    Gill Liposuction
    Rhinoplasty – Nose Surgery
    Mentoplasty -Chin Surgery
    Otoplasty – Ear Surgery
    Blepharoplasty – Eyelid Surgery
    Endoscopic Facial Surgery
    Eyebrow Lifting
    Frontoplasty – Front Surgery
    Laser Liposculpture
    Mammoplasty ( lifting, augmentation, reduction )
    Abdominal Dialing
    Intimate Rejuvenation
    Biopolymer Removal
    Post Bariatric Reconstructive Surgery
    Gluteoplasty ( Buttock Lipoinjection )
    Aesthetic Treatments
    Dermal Fillers
    Lifting and Stimulating Tension Threads

Face Lift 7.300 USD
Bichectomy – Cheek Surgery 2.000 USD
Rhinoplasty – Nose Surgery 4.400 USD
Mentoplasty -Chin Surgery 2.000 USD
Otoplasty – Ear Surgery 2.900 USD
Blepharoplasty – Eyelid Surgery 2.900 USD
Eyebrow Lifting 4.400 USD
Laser Liposculpture 4.400 USD
Mammoplasty ( lifting, augmentation, reduction ) 4.400 USD
Lipectomy 6.400 USD
Gynecomastia 2.900 USD
Intimate Rejuvenation 2.900 USD
Aesthetic Treatments
Botox 300 USD ( 50 units )
Dermal Fillers from 600 USD
Sculptra 2.000 USD
Radiesse 1.100 USD
Tension Threads 350 USD ( each one )

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