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Plastic Surgery Clinic Ankara is a high quality Aesthetic Medicine Clinic. We provide all procedures and treatments following strict standards.
Long experience. Use of best materials and techniques are just some of the reason you should visit us.
In a modern and relaxed atmosphere Doctor and the Team of Plastic Surgery Clinic Ankara will provide all the information and procedures on individual basis.

Dr. Cemil Ozerk Demiralp
He has nearly 20 national and international scientific publications. More than 20 congress participations. Around 40 congress activities.
His special fields of interest include / aesthetic nose surgery / breast enlargement / reduction surgeries / minimal interventional anti aging /

Non surgical facelift procedures are non invasive treatments. Procedure alleviate the signs of aging and giving the skin a younger, firmer appearance for which they are not ready for a serious operation. Laser systems help to create a smoother, younger appearance and increase the elasticity of the skin.

Although the scalpel is still a priority in the methods applied against gravity, many people now prefer simple applications to replace surgical methods. Medical applications that do not require surgical intervention are becoming more popular day by day. The anti aging world has many effective weapons. From laser systems that visibly alleviate the signs of aging on the face. Hyaluronic acid based injections that remove deep wrinkles and give volume to the face.

Thread Face Lift Ankara / Best Price /

In this technique, which creates a non surgical lift effect on the face, threads similar to surgical thread are placed in very thin needles. These threads are placed under the skin with the help of needles. In areas with wrinkles and sagging threads trigger the skin’s repair mechanisms and collagen production. Increasing micro blood circulation in the applied area without causing any undesirable reactions. These threads melt away over time. The tissue formed by the skin around the threads acts as a network that collects the sagging on the face and creates a lift effect. The effects of the process become optimal within a month or two with the formation process of this connective tissue.

Lip Augmentation Plastic Surgery Ankara

Is an aesthetic intervention based on injecting fillers into and around the lips. It is to give the desired volume to the lips and shape the lip structure . Full lips provide a younger and healthier appearance as it completes the aesthetic ratios on the face. Lip augmentation also opens fine lines around the mouth. Rejuvenates this area significantly. It moisturizes the lips. Having beautiful lips helps the person to feel good.

Over the years, some changes such as wrinkles, swelling and color changes occur in the eyelids.
These differentiations in the eyelids can make the person look older and more tired than they are.
Sagging excess skin, underlying muscle tissue and fat tissues
are removed in small amounts and the eye is provided with a more open and fresh appearance.

Breast Prosthesis Ankara

Although the concept of beauty varies from culture to culture, from person to person, having proportional body contours is the most important criterion for beauty understanding. One of the elements that provides this proportion in the female body is the breasts. Breasts that are not sufficiently large, even and saggy ensure the completion of aesthetic integrity. Causing the person to increase self confidence and become freer in the choice of clothes.

The most preferred method to increase the volume of breasts and bring them to the same size today is the use of silicone prosthesis / implant /. The aim of breast augmentation surgery is to provide an aesthetic increase in the size of your breasts in accordance with your body structure and desires. Breast prosthesis surgeries are performed under general anesthesia and last about 1 up to 2 hours.

Plastic Surgery Ankara Prices

Rhinoplasty / septum deviation / Aesthetic and functional nose surgery / 1.850 USD /
Breast aesthetics / Augmentation / reduction / lifting / 2.800 USD /
/ Lifting with silicone implant / 3.700 USD /
Tummy tuck / Abdominoplasty / 2.800 USD /
Liposuction / with laser if preferred / 1.350-2.800 USD /
Prominent ear surgery / 1.250 USD /
Calf and butt implants / 2.800 USD /
Bichectomy / 900 USD /
Thigh lift / arm lift / 2.750 USD /
Fat injections / 900-1.500 USD /
Eyelid aesthetics / Blepharoplasty 800 USD / upper / 1.200 USD / lower /
Genital aesthetics / 1.200-2.200 USD /
PRP / Mesotheraphy / 200 USD / 100 USD /
Botox / Fillers / 200 USD / 300 USD /

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