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Plastic Surgery Izmir Mono Clinic has the vision of being a pioneer in İzmir, Turkey. As an authorized health tourism agency, Clinic Mono brings together the most qualified physicians and quality hospitals for patients. It offers high quality treatments in / aesthetic / reconstruction / obesity / metabolic surgeries / dentistry / hair transplant /dermatology /. Latest and advanced technologies. We can provide information even before your arrival.

By following the fundamentals of health and aesthetics and combining experience, best technology, and high quality medical service, Clinic Mono has established great reputation locally and internationally. Contact us before your arrival.

More About Our Clinic In Izmir

Recent global developments have allowed international patients to feel much more comfortable discovering healthcare providers worldwide. Today it is easy and convenient to travel anytime and anywhere. Before that was not the case. Thanks to the groundbreaking position of Turkey as a favorable medical destination for various treatments. Plastic Surgery Izmir Mono Clinic has also announced its name to international patients. You can read our patients reviews before you visit us.

All treatments and procedures are by the law and with all legal permits. Our international travel tourism certificate secures the rights of our international patients. We will give you all the information before you come.

To better engage in the idea of high quality treatment with exclusive medical services, Plastic Surgery Izmir Mono Clinic has treatment packages with every detail that one would possibly need for medical traveling purposes. Various treatment packages are for patients with different needs and expectations.

Each process in Plastic Surgery Izmir Mono Clinic takes place by prioritizing patient’s needs and comfort even before arrival.. Our patients have their treatments in Clinic Mono. They also enjoy their time and lovely holiday in Turkey before and after surgery.. The dedicated Mono arrival team provides:

Service For Our Patients In Izmir Turkey

Luxury Aftercare Villa stay / Comfortable and centrally located hotels /
Well organized transfer companies
Patients of Clinic Mono are not alone at any stage of their treatment journey. Our Swedish, English, and German speaking assistants will be at your service 7 / 24 before arrival / during the treatment / after you get back to your country.

Clinic Mono intends to integrate the high end clinical experience into the highest quality inclusive packages. Everything you need is just one step, click, or a call away.

Would you please get in touch and consult our team to inquire about our treatment packages, including Mono Aftercare Villa stay before your arrival ? We are looking forward to meeting you! You can contact us before your arrival for more detailed information.

Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Izmir

Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey
Breast Surgeries Turkey
Facial Rejuvenation Turkey
Genital Rejuvenation Turkey
Gynecomastia Turkey
Otoplasty Turkey
Penis Enlargement Turkey
Rhinoplasty Turkey
Tummy Tuck Turkey
Vaser Liposuction Turkey

Obesity Surgery. Before the arrival contact us for more information.

Hair Transplant. You can send us your photos before your arrival so that we can give you information even before your arrival.

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Izmir

Butt lift is a surgery to provide patients with an enhanced buttock and a slimmer waist. Brazilian butt lift removes the unwanted fat from some areas of the body such as abdomen, waist and back; and transferring it to the buttocks.

Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey BBL in Turkey
Turkish Mono clinic offer Brazilian buttock lift at affordable price. For instance, the average cost of Brazilian butt lift in Turkey Special Offer. It is a procedure for the shape, size and appearance of a patient’s bum. BBL surgery or Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey, is a procedure to increase volume, regain youthful appearance and lift the butt by injecting sucked fat from other parts of the body. BBL procedure can improve the appearance of sagging buttocks or give a rounder shape to the bum. Before the procedure patient will get all the information.

Depending on the amount and size of the skin and fat which needs to be removed for the best results, tummy tuck surgery Turkey operation can have different types such as;

Tummy Tuck Izmir

Extended tummy tuck,
Regular tummy tuck
Mmini tummy tuck
The difference between types of this operation is the size of the incisions. While in extended tummy tuck the length of the incision may extend until your back throughout your bikini line in order to obtain better results for your condition; in mini tummy tuck Turkey the incision is usually relatively shorter than regular and extended tummy tuck. Before the procedure patient will get all the information

According to your medical history, the physical condition of your tummy and your expectations from the operation, you will be provided with the most suitable technique and treatment plan in your consultation process.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Izmir

Gastric Sleeve, restricts the amount of food that the stomach can hold at a time. Removal of a portion of stomach. Remaining part in tube like structure is sutured and there is no change in absorption of calories and nutrients in the intestines. The procedure is minimally invasive and closed. It is a laparoscopic surgery in which smallest incisions is around your belly. Slender tool with a tiny camera and light is into your stomach. Everything is screened on a monitor while following the surgical steps that is planned beforehand. So thanks to this advance technique with least scarring. Before procedure doctors will provide detailed information.

The idea behind that is patients feel much fuller after eating much less, and it produces a hormone for a prolonged sense of fullness and that directly changes your eating habits and life style correspondingly.

Long term weight loss can highly be variable beyond 1 – year post procedure and requires close post – surgery follow – up for high quality results with highest satisfaction rate.

Most people are and has been wondering what treatment would be best fitted into their expectation and what the pros and cons are over gastric banding which is no longer demanded or considered cutting-edge.

Dermal Fillers Izmir

Dermal fillers are one of the easiest and most comfortable cosmetic procedures. It can be beneficial for fixing the undesired folds, wrinkles, lines and hollows of a wide range. In order to get the most accurate information about if you are suitable candidate for dermal fillers and how would be the best treatment plan to achieve the most desired results, the best way is to consult to a plastic surgeon before the arrival. In a consultation, patients unique face can be examined closely. Expectations from dermal fillers procedures can be discussed. Ideal treatment plan for the unique face of patients can be designed. While patients’ expectations from the procedure are the essential part, the opinions of plastic surgeon are equally important to have the most satisfactory results. Before the procedure specialist will give you all the information. Contact us before you come.

Dermal fillers provide temporary results. After a certain time period, they will be absorbed by the body and lose their efficiency. The permanence of the dermal fillers highly depends on the treated area and the skin structure. They are mostly efficient for around 6 – 12 months. Due to the fact that they are very quick and practical procedures with the lowest number of side effects, they are very demanded by people. Contact us before your arrival.


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