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Best Plastic Surgeon Kaunas Lithuania

Plastic Surgery Kaunas, Lithuania. Fi Clinica is one of the largest private health and beauty clinics in the Baltic States. Clinic employs top Lithuanian and internationally known specialists, including plastic and reconstructive surgeons, orthopedic traumatologists, bariatric surgeons, and others. The Fi Clinica is surrounded by the beautiful nature of the largest urban oak grove in Europe.

Over 25 years of experience in plastic surgery
Around 2.000 surgeries every year
120 qualified personnel
More than half of patients are foreign
2.800 m2 modern space for your safety and comfort
Lots of positive feedback from satisfied patients

Plastic Surgery Kaunas Clinic Vision

Perfect shapes do not exist in nature. Perfection comes through uniqueness and harmony. For living a wholesome, happy life, it is essential to find the balance between outside and inside, health and beauty. We aim to connect with our patients and help them discover the golden ratio within themselves.

Services In Plastic Surgery Clinic Kaunas

Besides providing top level medical services, we also aspire to create a sense of comfort and security for our patients.

Plastic surgery
General surgery

Why Plastic Surgery Clinic Kaunas ?

Excellent value for money
Qualified specialists with extensive experience
Modern and comfortable environment
State-of-the-art medical equipment
Special offers by the clinic and its partners for patients and their company
Trust-based relationship
Solid value foundation
Easily accessible from anywhere within Europe
Added Value For Patients

Fi Clinic strives to ensure the best experience for the patients. Therefore, we take care of the transportation to and from the airport and hotel bookings in the most convenient location. Our highly qualified clinic staff can speak English, Danish, Russian, German, and other languages. Our patients and their company may enjoy special offers on the clinic and our partners’ services during their stay.

Doctors / Best Specialist /

Fi Clinica’s team consists of highly trained surgeons and other specialists who offer an extensive range of modern procedures for the face and body. Our skilled staff constantly expand their nowledge in international seminars and traineeships.

Price List Aesthetic Surgery Clinic / Best Price /

Breast augmentation / from 3.350 EUR /
Rhinoplasty / from 3.000 EUR /
Breast lift / from 3.250 EUR /
Breast reduction / from 3.600 EUR /
Blepharoplasty / from 1.050 EUR /
Gynecomastia / from 2.150 EUR /
Liposuction / from 1.700 EUR /
Buttock lift / from 3.100 EUR /
Thigh lift 7 from 3.000 EUR /
Otoplasty / from 1.050 EUR /
Abdominoplasty / tummy tuck / from 3.100 EUR /
Brachioplasty / arm lift / from 2.300 EUR /
Secondary rhinoplasty / from 3.000 EUR /

Face lift / from 5.200 EUR /
Facial fat grafting / from 1.850 EUR /

Body lift / Circumferential (360°) tummy tuck / from 5.900 EUR /

Botox / from 90 EUR /
Fillers / from 210 EUR / per syringe /


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