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About Us
Galini Clinic, with its long tradition in the field of mental health, provides high-quality services by focusing on restoring the patient and maintaining his quality of life.
Since the foundation of the clinic, its excellent services have been based on the vision of the acclaimed psychiatrist, George Malita, while the main goal of these services has been the effective treatment of the mentally ill in a welcoming environment, which helps the development of the mental uplift and peace of each hospitalized patient.
The primary purpose of Galini is the individualization of each patient, by understanding their particular mental and physical needs and sensitivities.
This means the need of:

  • A proper diagnosis
  • A successful psychotherapeutic intervention
  • A full assessment of his physical condition
  • A continuous psychological support of the same and his family environment as well
  • An absolute collaboration with the patient’s external physician for his maximum benefit
    Our Clinic
    The scientific staff of the Clinic consists of experienced psychiatrists working in morning and afternoon shifts as well as an 18-hour afternoon and night service of an on-call physician.
    Under the supervision of the scientific staff, all modern scientific methods are applied in order to deal with the acute face of mental disorders. In addition, a team of doctors of all disciplines assists in the correct application of treatments under the condition of full scientific, professional and human responsibility.
    The nursing staff of the Clinic is adequate and specialized, with supervised and qualified nurses. The cleanliness of the premises is ensured by the staff of the clinic while experienced Chefs are responsible for the food and gastronomy by faithfully applying all nutritional guidelines according to the patients’ needs.
    Our philosophy
    Our primary concern is to improve the life quality of the patients.
    The philosophy of our Clinic puts the individual in the spotlight with:
  • A view to the quick restoration of his mental health
  • Excellent treatment and modern therapy with biological and psychotherapeutic interventions in:
  • Psychotic disorders
  • Emotional disorders
  • Acute psychotic episodes
  • Alcoholism and alcoholic toxicity
  • Acute psycho-geriatric manifestations and memory disorders in the context of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia disorders
  • Physical addiction to psychoactive substances
  • Eating disorders (anorexia nervosa and bulimia)
    Friendly environment and excellent living conditions for better life quality.
    The nursing departments of the Clinic located on the ground floor and the two floors of the main building provide:
    Triple rooms with bath
    Double rooms with a hall and a bathroom
    Single luxury rooms with an anteroom and a bathroom
    Some double rooms on the second floor may also be available as a single room with a bed for a companion.
    All rooms are air-conditioned and their hotel equipment is excellent, while wood and wall painting help create a calm and warm atmosphere.
    All rooms have a view to the large garden of the Clinic, which is available for the hospitalized (walk, group activities and games). The two large atriums of the clinic are always green and are followed by the dining room and the living room. In the lounges there are large televisions, ping-pong table, piano, DVD player, Internet, library for the patients, which along with the occupational therapy area help the hospitalized to spend their time pleasantly and creatively during their stay.

Galini Clinic has:
Modern microbiological and biochemical laboratory
Cardiology lab
Pathological laboratory
Electro cervical laboratory
Specialized department of occupational therapy, psychological and counseling support, with special occupational therapists and psychologists
It collaborates with all modern research centers for additional clinical and laboratory testing
Perspective of Creating a Hospital for the Day


  • Psychiatric
    Psychoses, emotional, anxiety and developmental disorders.
  • Psychogeriatric
    Mental disorders in the elderly, organic psychosyndroma and dementia.
  • Addictions
    Mental disorders due to substance use, alcohol addiction, prescription drugs.
  • Eating Disorders
    Anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa
  • Occupational Therapy
    In the framework of the Occupational Therapy program, the intervention is realized through group activities, mainly at the level of the patient’s interclinical life. It provides a customized, adjusted, daily program based on activities that improve existing skills, sometimes aiming at creating new ones, according to the psychosocial needs of the individual.

Room for 1 person – 190 Euros + Medicines + Taxes ( This room includes second bed for relative or a friend )
Room for 2 persons – 140 Euros + Medicines + Taxes
Room for 3 persons – 90 Euros + Medicines + Taxes
The price includes the Psychriatist fee ( 24hour/ per day ), psychologist
Pathologist, Ergotherapies, Gym
Meals and 24 hours nursing care.

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