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Focus of our company / dental clinic is on the top specialist implant treatments.
Our dental clinic in Athens is using the newest technologies.
Where many of our competitors are rationalizing their product range, our dental clinic is offering more choices.
In our dental center you can get best possible implantology treatment in Greece. Same Day Implants Athens.
Dr.Costa and his team are using only the best materials and high tech equippment for the best possible result.
In our dental center the procedures are performed by highly trained, English speaking doctors and members of staff providing individual treatment plan for each patient.
In our dental center you can resolve any type of dental problem with the maximum care of our doctors.
We are specialist in implants. If you miss one or more teeth and if you are looking for experts in implantology you are at the right place.

Dental Implants / Same Day Implants Athens

If you are missing any of your natural teeth, implant dentistry can provide you with teeth that look and feel like your very own. Permanent teeth can be yours without the embarrassment of loose dentures or having to cut into other healthy teeth. Implants will enable you to enjoy the simple pleasures of unrestricted eating.
With dental implants you can have the confidence to have active business and social life.
Dental implants are titanium posts with special surfaces.
Once implants are in your jawbone they function in a similar way as a natural tooth root.
Implants have shown a success rate of more than 90%. Many dentists now agree that implants are one of the most predictable forms of dental treatment, and in most cases it is a long term solution. More than half a million people receive dental implants every year.

X rays, and sometimes CT scans, is necessary to see if you have sufficient quality and quantity of bone. Conditions such as uncontrolled diabetes, HIV or leukemia can affect the bone growing onto the implant and will need careful assessment. In general, most people are suitable candidates for implants.

Implant Treatment

A small procedure will be necessary. It’s usually possible to place the implants in the dentist’s rooms. In some cases a general anaesthetic is preferable, and this will require a visit to a medical clinic or hospital. Some patients do experience one or two days of discomfort after the procedure, which is usually related to the stitches.
Implant treatment is a technical and complex form of dentistry.
Not all dentists wish, or have enugh experience, to provide implant treatment.
The surgery / placing of the implant / is by a maxillo facial and oral surgeon, a periodontist, or a dentist.
The design and construction of the artificial teeth is by a dentist or prosthodontist working in conjunction with a dental technician.

Replacing a single tooth Implants Athens

We can replace the single missing tooth without doing any damage to the neighbouring teeth. Placing a single dental implant gives a permanent, naturally functioning solution.
The implant is very similar in shape and size as a natural tooth’s root. Once it is in the area of the missing tooth, implant integrates or bonds to the facial bone through a process called osseointegration, replacing the root of the natural tooth.
Once the implant has integrated, a mould is taken of your mouth, so that a tooth can be manufactured to fit on top of the implant. After approximately a week or two, the final cermaic tooth, can be on the implant.
The result is a natural looking crown that will have great long term success if looked after properly.

Replacing two or more missing teeth
A bridge that rests on two or more implants does not damage any healthy teeth, and prevents the shrinkage of the natural bone. The number of implants needed depend on the number of missing teeth.
Once the implants have been successfully placed, a mould would be taken of your mouth by your dentist, to enable a dental technician to manufacture a permanent ceramic bridge.
Then the specialist will secure the bridge on the implants using tiny gold screws, or a permanent adhesive or glue, thus replacing the missing teeth. Once we finish this process you will have normal function in your mouth.

Replacement when all teeth are missing
There are three options available when all teeth are missing in either the upper or lower jaw.

Removable options:
The first option is standard removable dentures which rests on the remaining gums in your mouth.

The second removable option allows a full denture with teeth to rests on a number of implants in your mouth.

All On 4 Implants Athens Greece

Fixed option:
In the case of of the fix option, a full ceramic bridge is permanently fix to the implants using gold screws. Once this is completed, normal function is restored to your teeth. Four or more implants are usually used, and only your dentist can remove it if necessary. As with all implants, impeccable oral hygiene is needed.

In certain cases where the natural teeth have been missing for a long time, the natural bone may have shrunk to the point that implants cannot be placed in the normal way.
To place the implants, a sinus lift or bone graft will be necessary.
In the upper jaw this procedure is called a ‘sinus lift’ or ‘sinus graft’, and in the lower jaw, a ‘bone graft’.


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