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Teeth Whitening Riga Dental Clinic. Over time, coffee, tea or smoking can cause your teeth to lose their natural whiteness and start to turn yellow. An effective way to get a dazzling white smile is to do laser whitening in the dentist’s office. Our dental clinic in Riga, Latvia is providing a high quality teeth whitening dental treatment. Best price and lasting results.

Currently, the most painless, fastest and most effective way to get white teeth is with a laser teeth whitening procedure. The dentist applies a whitening gel to the teeth. To prevent irritation of the gums, gums are protected before whitening procedure. The whitening gel works faster and more effectively in contact with the laser than any other teeth whitening method.

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Our natural tooth color is not always as white as we would like, as well as trying to stop excessive use of coffee, tea and tobacco. There are also many other factors that affect tooth color: our genetics, medication use, dental hygiene, food. Teeth whitening has become a popular way to get a dazzling smile easily and quickly today. Millions of people around the world choose to improve their tooth color with teeth whitening.

Best dental hygienist from Riga dental clinic, will help you with everything you need to know about teeth whitening.

White teeth make a person feel younger, more beautiful, more confident. Teeth tell about a person’s lifestyle, genetics, state of health. White teeth are the calling card of every successful person, which is a successful weapon in both private life and business.

If you want to get a really noticeable and lasting effect, then whitening toothpaste or pharmacy products will not be an effective solution. Visit our dental hygienist in Dental Clinic Riga and find out if the health of your mouth allows you to do professional teeth whitening. Specialist will assess the condition of your mouth and recommend the best solution.

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Do not experiment with your health by choosing bleaches available in pharmacies / stores. You can seriously damage your oral area by burning the soft tissues of the mouth and gums. Also, you do not know what effect your chosen whitening agent may have on your teeth, how the composition of the active substances works.

Teeth or gum must be completely healthy before teeth whitening, so you should first see a dentist and check the health of your mouth so that the teeth whitening procedure can take place and does not pose any risks.

How does teeth whitening affect tooth sensitivity?
It is not easy to say whether or not a patient will have tooth sensitivity after teeth whitening, because each patient is individual. Each patient has a different oral health condition, a different bone / tooth enamel structure. The greatest possibility is temporary tooth sensitivity after a whitening procedure. If patient has permanent tooth sensitivity even before the whitening procedure, means that it can worsen after whitening in patients with tooth sensitivity. For best results, we reccomend to eliminate the causes that cause tooth sensitivity.

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Also, during a preventive dental examination, dentist will make sure that your teeth does not have severe caries damage, small micro-cracks, exposed tooth roots, etc. oral health problems. Tell your dentist if you have sensitive teeth, prevent damage to your mouth to avoid discomfort after the teeth whitening procedure. After the teeth whitening procedure, the sensitivity of the teeth can last 24 hours after the session.

Can there be changes in the structure of teeth during teeth whitening?
It all depends on the composition of the teeth, whitening agent and the concentration of active substances. For example, ZOOM whitening gel has a neutral pH and contains calcium, a trace element in tooth enamel. The gel acts on the inner pigment, cleansing it and instead nourishes the tooth with calcium ions. ZOOM whitening system uses UV rays to activate the whitening gel. There is no heat, which could affect the tooth nerve or cause microcracks in the tooth structure, because the UV lamp does not heat up during teeth whitening. This means that with this whitening system it is not possible to damage or change the structure of the tooth during whitening.

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How to whiten teeth directly with ZOOM
After a short examination, the patient is ready for the whitening procedure. Dental Specialist isolate the soft tissues and reduce the sensitivity of the teeth during and after the procedure. Then a whitening gel is applied to the teeth, then ZOOM is applied to the teeth. UV radiation that activates the gel. UV lamp activates the gel 26% better. Within an hour, the composition of the gel acts on the tooth enamel, making the teeth dazzling white. With this whitening system it is possible to change the color of teeth up to 9 shades. The whitening result and tone depends on the patient’s natural tooth color, which is given to him at birth. It should also be taken into account that the whitening procedure affects only natural teeth and does not whiten dental fillings, crowns, dental implants.

What are the most common mistakes patients make when whitening their teeth?
People, wanting to save, continue to damage their teeth, gums, using teeth whitening products available in pharmacies and supermarkets. There are some people who want perfectly white teeth and overdo it with teeth whitening procedures. Too often they perform professional teeth whitening and use additional products that are not recommended by a specialist.

Teeth Whitening Price Riga

In our dental clinic in Riga, Latvia the price of teeth whitening procedure is from 200 Euros. If you would like to know more about it or if you would like to visit our dental clinic in Riga, use the contact form and send us the message.


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