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According to a study, more than a third of adults think about teeth whitening.
Teeth whitening is the process of changing the chemical properties of the pigment in the tooth tissue by which we change the color of the teeth.
The safest way to make yellow teeth white is to visit your dentist. This reduces the risk of possible complications.
In our dental clinic in Sarajevo, we do teeth whitening with the help of a Zoom lamp. The zoom lamp speeds up the whitening process and significantly shortens it compared to traditional methods, with currently visible results.

We avoid the treatment being aggressive for the teeth, so we do whitening in two to three visit for 20 minutes.
In this way we avoid the usual complications that would occur when doing whitening in one visit.
Too aggressive bleaching can lead to complications. That is why we whiten our teeth in several sessions, gradually.

Bleaching during a 60-minute session can lead to complications such as:

tooth hypersensitivity
gum irritation
white spots on teeth.
You will never achieve the same whitening effect if we whiten our teeth intensively for one hour, compared to when we work gradually in several sessions.

A large number of expert studies on the impact of whitening products on dental health have shown very few negative consequences for teeth. Some products had the same effect as natural orange juice. Thus, almost negligible negative consequences.


In our dental practice, teeth whitening is charged per tooth or dental arch.

Bleaching prices are:

Whitening of one tooth / 50 EUR /
Bleaching of dental arch / 100 EUR /
Whitening full mouth / 200 EUR /

The price remains the same, regardless of the number of sessions. Whether it’s one, two or three sessions, the price is the same.


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