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Teeth Whitening Split Croatia

Teeth Bleaching Split Croatia

Teeth Whitening Split Croatia. In our dental clinic in Split, Croatia you can make your teeth and smile beautiful.
Teeth whitening treatment by highly experienced aesthetic dentistry specialist,
Dental clinic is using the most modern methods and also the best products one the market for a great results.

What Is Teeth Whitening?

Many tooth whitening preparations are on the market. There are two basic types. One type is for the practice room and the other type is for the home with individual trays our office makes. The preparations are based on 25 – 35% hydrogen peroxide and 15% carbamide peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is an active substance that is decomposed into water and oxygen molecules in a chemical reaction, which further produces a reactive intermediate superoxide, and in the continuation of the reaction penetrates the enamel and also dentin to undergo bleaching. The whitening process does not damage your teeth!

Indications for whitening are changes in tooth color that are exogenous /. Cigarette smoking, frequent consumption of coffee, tea, red wine. Aging, endodontic treatments, fillings / or endogenously / dental fluorosis, tetracycline teeth /. We can whiten Vital and also avital teeth, one tooth or a group of teeth. In less than 90 minutes, your teeth will become significantly whiter.

Teeth Whitening Split Croatia Treatment

The procedure involves preparing the patient. Determining the current tooth color by spectroshade / for later comparison. Evaluating the success of the procedure /, isolating gingiva and soft tissues. Applying bleaching gel, illuminating with a lamp, and finally applying desensitizing and glowing agents.

The percentage of whitening varies from patient to patient, depending on the tooth structure.

No coffee, teas or dark colored beverages, red wine if you want to keep white colour for a long time.

There is a possibility that slight tooth sensitivity may occur during the process. However, this is completely normal and does not pose any danger because soon after the treatmentall symptoms stop.

Each of our patients are measured before and after the procedure with the SPECTROSHADE device.

Each patient must clean their teeth regardless of whitening.

Ultrasonic tooth cleaning is a unique way to remove calculus above and below the level of gingiva or gums. It is not necessary to scratch your teeth with sharp instruments. Because ultrasonic cleaning is an instrument that works on the principle of light vibration. With a constant flow of water jet that cools the tooth during the removal of calculus and pigmentation from the tooth.
The Prophyflex air flow method is a painless solution. It is for removing pigment and debris from the teeth above gingival or gum levels. Compressed air, water, and prophyperle containing baking soda cleanse your teeth and give you the perfect white smile.
Teeth cleaning is of particular importance in order to prevent gingivitis, periodontitis and caries. The prophyflex device and the powder powder prophypearls provide a guaranteed gentle and effective treatment.


ZOOM / Full Mouth / 450 EUR /


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