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Tirana Albania Dentist Dental Center was founded in 2008 by the General Manager and Technical Director of the Center, Dr.Gjergj Dilo. It is designed to meet the real needs of patients. The clinic employs a team of best specialists carefully selected.

Our main goal is to provide high quality treatment and therefore we use the latest and most advanced equipment and technologies that enable us to make the best and most comfortable treatment possible.

We provide our patients with better solutions, ongoing medical support, individual approaches, oral hygiene education, high quality materials and guarantees for / implant treatments / prostheses / root canal / aesthetics.

Dental Service Tirana

Non surgical gum procedure
Treatment of soft tissue known as gingiva or gum.
Thanks to the systematic and combined use of the surgical microscope peridontal pockets are cleaned in just 20 seconds. In fact, it is often possible to treat condition without surgery procedure. The microscope allows us to treat the roots and avoid the tooth opening.

Conservative Dentistry
Aesthetic Dental Fillings / Use of special filling materials, the best Japanese instruments and technologies /

Root Canal
Root Canal dental treatments include treating the disease of the dental pulp or tooth nerve. In our clinic we provide you with the perfect treatment, disinfection and filling of the root canal along its entire length with the latest technology. We use surgical microscope, providing perfect cleanliness, Apex Locator / which enables us to find the correct and accurate length of the root canal / and a modern technique of filling the root canal.

The treatments goal is to replace missing dental pieces with the rehabilitation of the oral system. In today’s prosthetics, the replacement of the missing teeth with crowns and fixed bridges are fast and long lasting solutions. The materials used are listed as the best in the world and this guarantees our prosthetic work to last for many years. We use Cad Cam system, which guarantees fast service and natural look.

Oral Surgery Tirana Albania Dentist

Sinus Lift
Surgical technique that uses the sinus cavity to introduce osteo integrating biological materials to increase bone height.
Often, due to sinus or bone resorption as a result of infections or traumatic tooth removal, its volume in the maxillary back area is not enough to put an implant. In this case, Sinus Lift is a standard for bone reconstruction and has a higher degree of success than any other surgery with the same purpose.

Abcess of tooth
Can result in infection formation that can be painful and interfere with the daily routine. In the most serious cases, treatment includes cutting and drainage of the abscess. This procedure is almost painless / under local anesthesia /

Implants Tirana Albania Dentist

Dental implants are artificial titanium roots that replace the lost natural teeth. This is one of the most effective methods of replacing the teeth in a fixed and natural way.
Flapless is the surgical technique that allows us to put the dental implant without performing any surgery through the oral membrane. It is a very fast procedure / 60 seconds / and guarantees the patient a lack of pain during and after the procedure. It is called “Painless Surgery”

Children Dentistry
Mini invasive solutions,avoiding the use of local anesthetics.
This guarantees that the fear of the child from the dentist disappears gradually. Best price

Aesthetic Dentistry / Best price
We look at your dental problem and provide the optimal solution for your health and dental function, while at the same time achieving a beautiful and natural look. Our goal is to recreate your teeth, as if you had never had dental problems.

What is most important during our treatment is communication with our patients and the understanding of their needs. With Mock Up technique, our patients see the end result even without starting work.

We provide the best treatment using excellent materials. Best price

Price Dentist Tirana

Composite Filling price is 60 EUR
Extraction Simple price is 30 EUR / Price per tooth
Extraction / surgical / impacted / price is 200 EUR / Price per tooth
Porcelain inlay / onlay price is 400 EUR / Price per tooth
Teeth Whitening price is 100 EUR / Upper and Lower Jaw
Regular teeth cleaning price is 30 EUR / Upper and Lower Jaw
Composite veneer price is 80 EUR / Price per unit
Deep cleaning scalling / full mouth, under microscope / price is 100 EUR

Crowns / Veneers
Porcelain crown price is 140 EUR / Price per unit
Porcelain E Max veneer price is 400 EUR / Price per unit
Zirconia crown price is 250 EUR / Price per crown
Temporary crown / veneer price is 30 EUR / Price per unit

Full Denture / full mouth, upper and lower / price is 600 EUR
Partial Denture in metal resin price is 450 EUR

Dental Implant price is 600 EUR
Single implant + crown 800 EUR
All on 4 with 14 titanium-ceramic crowns 6200 EUR
All on 6 with 14 titanium- ceramic crowns 7500 EUR
Sinus lifting 1000 EUR
Bone graft (large) 1000 EUR
Bone graft (small) 600 EUR
Root Canal Treatment 80 – 130 EUR

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