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Tirana Dental Aesthetic Clinic. Welcome to our clinic in capital of our country.
Best private dental clinic in Albania with the experience since 1992.
Founder of the clinic is Prof. Dr. Toti. During all this period clinic grew and modernized in terms of services and staff. Our team is well experienced in all dental treatments.
The number of patients treated at this health institution is measured in thousands and exceed the limits of Albania. Having a nice smile with healthy teeth is an investment for your future. Our clinic is making complete service for international patients and our speciality is aesthetic dentist treatments. If you are looking for teeth whitening or veneers or some other cosmetic dental service in Tirana contact us.

Clinic is using best quality materials by international standars / Complete range of dental services / Immediate implants / Best offers / Best price / Best Dentist /

Prices Dentist Tirana Albania

Consultation price is 15 Euros
Price for the Panoramic X Ray is 20 Euros
Tooth Extraction price is from 10 up to 50 Euros / Price depends on the complexity / Price per tooth
Surgical Extraction price is 150 Euros / Price per tooth
Hygiene Treatment price is 30 Euros / Upper and lower jaw
Tooth Filling price is 20 – 30 Euros / Depends on the size of the filling
Inlay / Onlay price is 100 Euros / Price is per tooth
Gingival Treatment / cleaning price is 25 Euros
Root Canal Treatment price is 30 – 60 Euros / Depends on the complexity
Denture per jaw price is 200 Euros / Upper or Lower Jaw
Dentures ( both jaws ) price is 400 Euros / Upper and Lower Jaw
Metal Porcelain Crown price is 110 Euros / Price per unit
Porcelain Crown price is 220 Euros / Price per unit
Temporary Crown price is 30 Euros / Price per unit
Porcelain Veneer price is 220 Euros / Price per unit
E Max Veneer price is 450 Euros / Price per veneer
Implant price is from 700 Euros / Price per unit

Dental Implants Tirana Albania

Our dental Clinic is the first clinic in Tirana that has start with the replacement of missing teeth with dental implants. Experience over the years, the quality of materials, sterile working conditions and friendly environment. Our staff will make you feel calm and safe for this type of intervention. Clinic is using best implants brands and the best materials. Best price

All treatments in our clinic are made in high quality conditions and with the great knowledge of doctors. Follow up of patients is our responsibility. Best price

Children Dental Treatments
Dental care starts at early age, our specialized staff and experience will be “a welcome gate” for children at early ages. Consultation and advice from an early age / brushing teeth / use floss / applications of fluoride according to protocols specific to different age.

Unlike what many people consider impossible our clinic can solve succesfuly. All known best methods to correct orthodontic problems will be offered at our clinic. Best price

Dental X Ray
Our clinic uses the latest digital radiographic technology , reducing the radiation exposure.

Oral surgery
Services performed at our clinic covering removal of teeth, roots of remaining teeth, cysts, sinus elevations, bone graft. We assure you high professionalism and sterile working conditions. Best price

Dental Prostheses
For all cases when you have lost your natural teeth, you will find the solution of the problem through fixed or removable dentures. The use of materials and European standards, commitment and responsibility at work, are the best guarantee of our treatments. Best price

Aesthetic Dentistry Tirana Dental Aesthetic Clinic / Best price

Our clinic offer all the services which guarantee maximum aesthetic results starting from bleaching teeth with modern methods, or Porcelain Veneers and zirconium. Best price

Specialized treatments for autistic children
Treatment processes can be hardly done in normal conditions with autistic children. For these treatments we are working under general anesthesia in sterile conditions and under the care of a specialized staff.

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