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Best Dental Clinic Split provide the patients with the best dental solutions. Individual approach, oral hygiene education, high quality materials and a guarantee for all implant , prosthetic work and orthodontics. Dental Office specialises in the field of / aesthetic restorative dental medicine / orthodontics / implants /. Years of experience.

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Before the procedure, you will go through a detailed consultation with Dr. Bigava Maršić. Considering that the placement of tooth veneer is extremely individual, consultation is extremely important for this procedure. We make detailed analysis of your oral health to make sure you are a good candidate.

We make a photo shoot and a photo analysis to calculate the current proportions to design the ideal smile.


Implants Best Dental Clinic Split

What does therapy look like in Best Dental Clinic Split ?

Diagnosis and surgery planning
Implant Dental specialist first examines your situation to decide if you are a candidate for dental implants. It is important that your gums and jawbone does not have inflammation. If necessary, we will treat the inflammation before surgery.
During the diagnosis, Doctor also assesses the type of jaw bone and how much bone is left. After years without teeth, your jawbone can be significantly reduced. In this case, additional interventions may be proposed to allow the implantation of a dental implant.
We work with the NOBEL BIOCARE STRAUMAN, ANKYLOS and ALPHA BIO implant systems.

Implant placement is usually an outpatient procedure, and thanks to local anesthesia, you will almost never feel anything. Depending on the individual situation in the oral cavity, implants are placed in one or more steps.
The final replacement
After surgery, a cap is usually placed on the implant as your implant integrates with the jaw bone. Implant and bone integration

Only top quality products can achieve the ultimate harmonious smile that will accompany you throughout your life.


Dentist Price List Split Croatia

Examination / 20 Euros /
Filling / from 40 Euros /
Composite Veneer / 110 Euros /
Local Anaesthesia / 10 Euros /
Teeth Cleaning Airflow / 30 Euros / Full mouth /
Ultrasound Teeth Cleaning / 60 Euros / Full mouth /
Teeth Scaling With Anaesthesia Per Quadrant / 320 Euros /
Nitrous Oxide Per Hour / 80 Euros /

Tooth Extraction / from 35 up to 50 Euros / Price per tooth /
Sinus Lifting / 520 Euros /
Full Denture / 450 Euros / Price per arch /

Ceramic Non Metal Crown / 450 Euros / Price per crown /
Inlay / Onlay / from 230 up to 370 Euros / Price per tooth /
Temporary Crown / 15 Euros / Price per crown /

Implant / from 750 Euros /
Abutment / from 230 Euros /

Teeth Whitening Zoom / 450 Euros / Full mouth /

Dermal Fillers / 480 Euros /


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